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Canada's version of Ron Paul - Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer – Abolishing Fed and new energy disclosure key to US survival

Paul Hellyer, is Canada's former "Minister of Defense" & former "Deputy Prime Minister".

He says that Word War 3 is going to be the Bankers against the world. He is quite serious too. As the longest member of the privy council in Canada there is no better authority to make such claims such as he does. This is a chilling wake up call not just for Canadians, but for North American, Europe, and in deed the world.

Paul Hellyer: Abolishing Fed and new energy disclosure key to U.S. survival.

Paul Hellyer's plan to turn around the world crisis.

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nowhere near Ron Paul

I'm sorry, but this guy is nowhere near Ron Paul. Although he talks about the evils of the Federal Reserve and of fractional reserve banking, he advocates the man-made climate change myth, and that fiat money printing should be split between the banks and the government, without pegging it to a commodity. This guy is almost just as bad as the rest of them. He either doesn't fully understand money, or he does but intentionally offers the wrong solutions.

On top of it, he's been trying to get cozy with the NDP, who have a notoriously socialist platform.