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The Idea Sparks A Flame

Ron Paul West Coast March

Just putting this idea out there in the hopes that it will take hold....

I live on the west coast and was figuring if the San Francisco RP MeetUp were to initiate a relay-caravan up the coast we could have some REAL NUMBERS building up momentum as the marchers go town to town picking up more and more Ron Paul supporters as they go along.

Some people could drive their own cars and we could also have busses for those who want to go by bus.

Then your town could look like this:


1) Get some heads together and layout a caravan route starting with the largest group heading towards your town.

2) Contact the largest RP group on the map and explain to them what you are doing and ask them to initiate the relay / caravan.

3) Contact the rest of the MeetUp groups along the route and give them the time, date of when the relay / caravan / march will be coming to their town and you want them to join in continuously building up momentum. Specifically ask, "where and the time to meet?"

4) The process can continue up to your town or keep going for hundreds of miles past your town as long as the groups past you are tuned in to what’s happening so they can arrange to join in also.

5) People can drop out and go back home when they’ve had enough. But who can get enough? That’s why it’s a relay to keep it going.

We could also use this technique to go to RP speeches and also it can be used to help keep things alive and to help network and build the alliance up.

Please post comments if you like the idea or intend to do this and let us know how things progress. Also if you have any ideas on how to build or improve upon this for clarity or methodology reasons please tell us.


Please, if you are part of the San Francisco MeetUp, please put this idea out there with your group and keep us tuned in with the developments. IT's DOABLE! LET'S DO IT!

Be sure to wear your tricorn hat!

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