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999 looks too much like 666 to me.

Maybe it is just me, but Herman Cain's 999 plan looks too much like 666 to me. As a person who was raised in a christian household that number just gives me a bad feeling. But going beyond that, I have a few questions.

First of all, will all federal income taxes and withholdings be repealed or done away with BEFORE this plan is implemented? If not then this is a non-starter.

In my state we have a sales tax, but you dont pay it on non-prepared food, clothing, medicine or home heating, you know the essential services. Will this national sales tax also account for these exceptions? If not we are going to take a big hit in our cost of living overall.


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666 was referring

to Nero. It has nothing to do with today. And furthermore, 666 is not 999 in any way, shape, or form.

Was it really referring to Nero?

Did you read that somewhere or see it on television? It doesn't matter if you simply claim as fact, something that you don't know as fact. Perhaps you were there when John was writing this and he let you in on it? There are a lot of possibilities, both past, present, and future. But you know nothing for a fact. Just keep that in mind.

I'm not looking for an argument from anyone, so say what you wish and expect no reply. But unless you were there, we are simply working with what we have, and no FACT about 666 can be drawn....perhaps great speculation, but great speculation isn't fact.

Stars in GOP Logo

Were recently turned upside down...

Symbolism has and is used, part to motivate "their" base, and also to distract "ours." The occult has been a favorite tool of the elite, just watch a Jay-Z video. Don't let it distract you, I'm non-religious, but even I know that "good" triumphs in the end, and "Satan" is defeated.

"We" win by being confident in our work, not by pointing out the evil in others'; that only adds to their power and influence.

You can either chase dragons or build the kingdom...

Have "faith" and keep up the good work.

Jack Wagner

he'll implode like the rest

trust your Dr. ;-]

It all makes sense now ;-]

... isn't success in politics all a numbers game anyway?

Watch Out Conspiracy Theories LOL

I have said this before as well.

1. fed reserve guy
2. using his 666 plan
3. all of a sudden a front runner?

screams conspiracy theory to me OR fact...

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Yeah, the 999/666 thing,

along with the name "Cain" is getting a little weird.

Oh no!! 666/999 =

Oh no!!

666/999 = 0.66666666666666666666666666666666666


good point

me too

I believe there a ton secret symbols used by this guys...except Ron :)