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Poll: Obama leads Romney and Paul by only a point in Florida

Raleigh, N.C. – In what has been perpetually one of the closest and most important states in the last few presidential elections, President Obama now leads two of his potential opponents by only a single point. The leader in the Florida primary, per yesterday’s release, Mitt Romney trails only 46-45, up from 47-43 in June. The surprise is the other candidate breathing down his neck: Ron Paul, who lags only 45-44.


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Check this out, we gotta work

Check this out, we gotta work on the women.

#########All Wom Men
Obama### 45% 51% 39%
Paul##### 44% 39% 50%
undecided 11% 10% 11

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Get The Word Out On This

I just "Suggested" this story to Drudge and, of course, posted in on facebook.

Cos Cob, CT


It's currently one of the links on the top of the page.


Linked to: http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-con...

This is a great passage from

This is a great passage from the link below:


"From PPP: Perry trails Obama 50-43, including a 53-40 deficit with independents. Other Republicans make it very close though. Romney trails only 46-45 and Ron Paul actually does just as well, trailing 45-44. 58% of undecideds in the Obama/Romney match and 72% in the Obama/Paul match disapprove of the President's job performance so odds are those folks would split against him in the end and put the state into the GOP column.

This may be the most positive poll for Paul that we've ever conducted- he leads by 15 points with independents even as the rest of the Republican candidates trail Obama with that voting group. The problem for Paul is that independents like him a lot more than Republicans do and that puts his chances for the nomination at slim to none...but he might really be able to make a dent if he ended up running as an independent instead."

And what about what happens if all those independents go out and vote in the Republican primary!?

Do your own Polling:

Do your own poll in your own Precinct:


If everyone in Florida did this, we would know how many votes Ron Paul will have in the Primary.

I believe we need to focus on our own Precinct then on Iowa and New Hampshire with the phone from home program.

In Liberty,


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