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Human Leadership Criteria. .Its in our DNA

We all should be very aware that PRE PRESIDENTIAL CRITERIA MUST BE MET FIRST BEFORE THE ELECTORATE WILL VOTE FOR YOUR Candidate EN-MASS. The criteria below COMES BEFORE Party, BEFORE Policies positions for most voters.

1) Male
2) Age 45-65
3) Personality Likability Factor. (He makes me smile)
4) Personality Trustworthy Factor. (He's believable)
5) Looks Presidential Factor. (He makes me proud to see him represent us)
6) Is working for the Group's Benefit. (yes an altruistic cause)

Now for the ladies out there, I am not being sexists, its the electorate that is being sexist, and this includes the sexist woman themselves who have a hard time imagining a woman President. Indeed, woman are the hardest judges of other woman.

So, I submit that John Denis fits the above REALLY WELL. We need to be looking around RIGHT NOW to find our future candidates. Not only to we need to vet them, we need to train them and give them TV and Radio experience. This is one reason I like Charles Goyette too.

Next, criteria number 6, most importantly (and this is why the libertarian Party is a failure) ... Its in our Human DNA that a leader MUST SAY is that HE IS WORKING FOR Everyone's INTERESTS & DECIDING FOR THE GROUP's BENEFIT. HE IS SAYING AND DOING FOR THE GOOD OF THE GROUP. That is right, his cause is an altruistic cause, not a self-serving cause, or one that leaves members feeling they are individual chest players in the free market, left all alone to fend for themselves. (Libertarians, as they jump from one programmer job to another, don't understand why this makes so many regular people flat out scared. What they need to get is that humans live in groups for groups provide a social safety net. Even the lowest members don't leave, even the highest members don't expel the lowest, and this is our historical and evolutionary history). This is universal among all of us, worldwide.

Always keep in mind the 6 things above, its in our human DNA. Its a leadership criteria that MUST BE MET before any human candidate can be taken seriously. Its so in America, Britain, South Africa, China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Japan, and even Bangladesh. Its true for humans world over since we roamed the plains of Africa. Its even true for you. Doubt me? Just do a thought experiment. Imagine who you would vote for in a voting booth if your choices where 2011 Ron Paul vs this 56 year old handsome devil, 1991 Ron Paul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7PYmCZEJqQ

These 6 things ARE the predictor of who becomes a leader, but as we all know so well, it doesn't predict leadership success.


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Great Ron Paul

interview. Same talking points and still relevant today even more so.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Yes and he was razor sharp back then...

He often went into far more detail explaining Austrian free market understandings. Today he just gives it a mention or two.

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