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Ron Paul's Republican Problem

Washington Post points out an interesting problem. While Ron Paul has a huge following, relatively few of us are registered as Republicans...so we can't vote for him in the primaries.


We really need his fans and supporters to register as Republicans, even if it's just temporary, like this group of Blue Republicans: https://www.facebook.com/bluerepublican?sk=info

Have you registered republican yet?

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I registered as a Republican

I registered as a Republican during the 2008 campaign to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. Actually have always considered myself a Republican anyhow, just never bothered to register until I was inspired by a candidate (RP).

I'll be sure to check that I am still registered as a Republican this time around as well.


always be aware of where you are

Anyone who thinks they are supporting Ron Paul for president had better get the following into their head immediately:

1. This is the REPUBLICAN PARTY PRIMARY, NOT the general election. If you're thinking about November 2012, you're not only useless, you're actually part of the problem. Your suggestions are going to get in the way of winning this primary. That is because:

2. BARACK OBAMA IS NOT IN THIS RACE. The opposition are all Republicans. In order to win, our guy has to appeal to Republicans. Failure to do that would mean no Ron Paul to vote for in November 2012.

3. Most of the votes in the Republican Party primary will come from -- brace yourself! -- Republicans. In many states, only Republicans can vote in the Republican Party primary (or caucus, depending on which state).

Please understand these points right now, and then explain them to all the other RPers you know.

I will add my personal expectation that the vast majority of the voters in the primary will be, as always, "actual" Republicans -- that is, people who were Republicans long before they ever heard of Ron Paul. There will be a small minority of "blue Republicans" and other newly-registereds who just jump on board to vote for Paul and then (largely) jump back off again. That is not the group who will determine the winner. That will be less than 10% of the voters. Hitching your wagon to that horse = defeat.

I'm not saying not to register those people "R" to vote for Paul. Do that! Just don't kid yourself about reality. To win, we need "actual" Republicans to vote for Paul.

One more time, so it will hopefully sink in:

To win, we need "actual" Republicans to vote for Paul.

If you still doubt me... have you seen the campaign's ads? ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Why not Third party?

While I am going to vote in the primaries(already registered republican), I cannot help but fear that he will not get the nomination. Don't get me wrong, I have literally prayed nearly every night that he does, but I just feel the masses will not take an interest in the election until around october of 2012. I also have noticed that most of the older generations are too stubborn to even listen to someone considered a "fringe candidate", which has pretty much been burned into their brains since 1988, and unfortunately, they are the majority of primary voters. Hopefully what I say does not hold to be true, but(let's be honest) there is a chance it wiil.

So my question is.. why would he not run a Libertarian? Does he fear he will only further his label as a fringe candidate? Is he simply saying he won't to promote support for the Republican nomination? I'm just confused.. I thought there was a %100 he would run as a libertarian if he didn't get the nominee, now he's pretty much saying there's no chance.. why?

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reasons why that won't happen

1. Third parties can't win the presidency. It's very hard to win small races, and basically impossible to win national ones, without being in one of the 2 major parties. This is for multiple reasons including perception and legality. While technically possible, it is so difficult that it's not worth pursuing, pending a change in the system. Check out http://www.electology.org/approval-voting

2. Sore loser laws. If a person runs for a position as a nominee from one party, they are legally barred from then running for the same position as a nominee from another party. Not all states have such laws, but some do, crippling any 3rd party attempt further.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I registered as a Republican

I registered as a Republican back in 2007 so I could vote for Ron Paul. Ever since I've gotten some prime junk mail ("Please contribute to the George W. Bush Presidential Library") but it's worth it to be able to vote for Ron Paul again.

Man, I feel your pain

Man, I feel your pain. I'm embarrassed by the stuff my mailman sees as he's delivering it to me. Stuff from GW library, Sean Hannity, Mitt Romney and even now, Santorum! Yikes. Oh well. It's a small price to pay, but I do miss being registered independent. Everyone left me alone.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Next question...

does anyone have any ideas including the internet on how to reach out to them so we can make sure they get the message? What is the campaign strategy in the first primary states???


Are these the Reagan Democrats and Indies???


Registered Republican here, and everyone I know has registered republican even though we would rather be Independent but we have a mission here people and it is to take our country back.

If so few Republicans support Ron Paul, why...

does he do so well in straw polls, public appearances, etc.

However, this article is useful as it may convince more independents to vote in open GOP primaries or become "blue state Republicans".

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Bob-45, If we don't get the college kids, adults to

show up, It won't happen. If they show up we get what you and I have been waiting our whole life for. What can we do to get them to show up.

I am blackmailing my childen to giving on the tea party money bomb as a christmas present or Don't come here for christmas. I know it is kind of harsh but they really know how I feel.

If they show up without a reciept for donating I will send them home with a Ham Sandwich. I will make sure they see I am eating the turkey and ham with all the trimmings in front of them.

Am I that cruel? YES!!!


I may be Mean, I may be Cruel. I support Ron Paul no matter what!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

It is your duty


#1 Tactical Agenda Item !!!!

If you are not registered Republican DO IT NOW. If you believe you are a registered Republican, dbl-check your status. Trust, but verify.

The rules are changed regularly. Some states (& counties) have a cooling off period where you may think you have changed affiliation but it does not take effect for 30-90 days.

We need Independents and fiscally conservative Democrats to tip the scales in the Dr's favor. They need to be notified.

Every day people join the RP movement but it is meaningless if they do not vote in the primary.

In the right column of the Daily Paul go to "Register R 4 Ron Paul" with links to your state.

***** Active Duty Military an US expats need to plan further in advance and they have to request an absentee ballot from their state election board ***** http://www.fvap.gov/

Passion is great - converting that into tangible results = success.

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"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Thank you so much for the link, Sean!

Last election I wanted to write Ron Paul in, but was not yet naturalized (brand new eligible Patriot here!), now I live in Canada (work, I wish I would be "on the ground"), and was wondering how to vote in primaries in the last state I lived, WA) -- your link helped a lot!


Paul B.

Registering as a Republican

Registering as a Republican is incredibly important for those in States that only allow registered members of a party to vote in the primaries.

I've considered myself a Republican my entire life, but only recently registered as a Republican back in 2008 (so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primaries).


This, I believe is our biggest problem

When we convince people we must follow up with..... have you registered Republican for the primaries?

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


In the end all that counts is our vote.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


Primary or caucus, depending on your state.

In caucus states, it is even more valuable because so few people bother to show up to caucus. Nevada is a caucus state, and look how well RP did there (until GOP illegally shut down the state convention). It started with people showing up to their local caucus having registered R.

What do you mean?

They shut it down? What happened?


I am a registered Republican and always have been.

FYI - I've always been a Republican

I've always voted in every election for the last 22 years ... So here's one "real" Republican primary voter voting for Ron Paul... - lots of people I know are also Republicans voting for Ron Paul. My sister, brother and mother....

When I talk to other Republicans it's sometimes hard... some of them just are not ready to see WHAT a mess we are in! - That's why I send them Judge Napolitano's videos - EVERY Republican likes the Judge - I have NEVER meet one Republican that didn't like him. We have the Judge to thank for a lot of people waking up!

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