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New York Sun Proposes Romney-Paul Ticket


Can you imagine a more improbable role for Ron Paul (to be Romney's VP)? They're screening comments but I squeaked one through (see: David)

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This makes just as much sense

This makes just as much sense as Mahatma Gandhi on a ticket with Attila the Hun

Absurd and funny!

Still laughing.... :)

Pretty bizarre...

Obviously, this could never happen. And I'm tired of the Zionist media saying Dr. Paul campaigns against American aid to Israel. He talks about ending foreign aid to ALL nations, and these pathetic traitors panic because they can only think of one thing and they're like "Oh my god, this anti-Semite wants to end aid to Israel!" Ron Paul has never once singled out Israel (though a case could certainly be made for why they SHOULD be singled out)


That was even better satire than the "Onion" post earlier.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I wonder....

if RP would even accept such an offer?

Excellent comment David!

I was thinking the same thing when reading the article. Why Romney-Paul and not Paul-Romney? Not that Paul would have Romney as his VP but he certainly offers to bring more to the table than Romney. Thanks for posting.