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Why We Need $3 Million for the Q3 Push Moneybomb

I remember in 2007, the end of Q3 fundraising goal was set at $500,000 for the last week of September. It was the first time Ron Paul used interactive graphics which showed in real-time how much had been raised. This was before the first moneybomb (I remember remember that day too). But it was an amazing first fundraising feat to raise $1 million in the last week.

This time around, Ron Paul has polling numbers at the tipping point and the media will soon not be able to ignore us!

We need to at least double our efforts this year as we did 4 years ago. I was extremely ecstatic in 2007 when I saw the donation banner hit $1,000,000 live. I knew for the first time that his campaign was taking off and becoming a movement.

Here we are, 4 years later. We're still coordinated with the same message. And everything Ron Paul said would happen either is happening, or is heading towards that direction.

The time is NOW to push Ron Paul's 2012 campaign into the next gear!! We need to double his efforts again!!

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Do you remember this? I do. I stayed up all night watching the donations come pouring in.

Ron Paul Rising....