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Debating Sean Hannity and giving a plug for Ron Paul -Wed Sept 28

I was on the show yesterday. (They actually called me to come on, which I thought was pretty cool!).

Originally I was on hold to talk about the lack of media respect and coverage of the Wall Street protests, however while on hold he began to talk about how Michelle Obama shouldn't be telling us what to consume. I decided to call him out on his hypocrisy of supporting the drug war.


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Why did they call you?

How did you make that happen?! It's so awesome that so many of us are spreading the message and your efforts hit alot of ears today! I would love to start helping use the radio more to help get the weird out. How can I get started? I really have never listened to much talk radio bc it's hard for me to listen to all the crap they are saying. Even worse I know so many who are listening believe what they hear lock, stock, and barrel.



How do I edit my post to include this video instead?

The Red Coats are coming!

very poor argumentation by Hannity

He can drink only one glass of one (what about wiskhy?) but one can grow a cannabis plant just because he like it.
the fact is that drunkness is prohibited only when driving, and another fact is that aclcool is worse than thc, so why tolerate that people get drunk just because hannity in theory will drink only one glass?

Hannity is the king of poor argumentation

He seems a very shallow thinker.

Dude, you...

..handled Hannity and fed him a handful of gobsmacked as much as can possibly be obtained within the realm of his OWN radio show...Kudos, my man, kudos. When Hannity stumbles around and sounds like a carnival barker at the end of this segment, well goddamn, well done, you unmasked the ridiculous fantasy that is his unrealistic delusion. You could feel him begging for a radio break for the final three minutes. I was almost begging for him!

Why did they call you?

How did you make that happen?! It's so awesome that so many of us are spreading the message and your efforts hit alot of ears today! I would love to start helping use the radio more to help get the weird out. How can I get started? I really have never listened to much talk radio bc it's hard for me to listen to all the crap they are saying. Even worse I know so many who are listening believe what they hear lock, stock, and barrel.

Answer to Rambo1028

They kept my number after calling a few times. They call once every few months. If you are polite, make logical arguments, or your just crazy and entertaining... they will keep you in their hip pocket whenever they need content.

The Red Coats are coming!



The Red Coats are coming!

You wasted 3 mintues

talking about "legalizing" drugs and how the undead will walk the earth all high.

Did it ever occur to you to tell Hannity that if the Fed gets out of the drug business that most if not all States will still have there own law on use of drugs?

Word of advice....next time you decide to challenge someone like Hannity don't let him control the direction of the subject. I know it can be difficult with the windbag interrupting an intelligent response but do try.

Hannity won the debate simply because he had you discussing about the merit of legalization not scope of giving control of the subject back to the States.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

wasted 3 minutes

RandyDog, please spread the word and call Hannity yourself. Show me how it's done!

The Red Coats are coming!

Hannity is wrong

he says you cannot enforce the policy of non drug use once it is legal, that is incorrect. If you are on crack and you threaten my life or others around you, you have a very good chance of being killed legally. That is the end of it, if you are dumb enough to smoke crack, then realize you may die from smoking crack, either from crack or from me who you try to jack up, that is where the second ammendment comes into play. The system of checks and balances works fine as long as the government does not upset the rule of checks and balances by legalizing crack but outlawing guns. The Constitution has the balance, the politicians keep tipping the scale. Awesome job by the way,keep up the great work!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Druggies don't commit the kind of crimes you seem to be in such fear of - they're lollygagging on their couches, zonked out.

It's the drunks that do all the damage on the highways and cause all the brawls and riots. Stoned people don't even want to go out!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Hannity was a drug dealer...

(bartender) before he was a talk show host.

This moral society argument

This argument about us needing to have a moral society for freedom to work... how do we GET a moral society then?? That's an important question, and I believe that it takes freedom. In fact, I think I've become more moral (not that I'm perfect of course!) since getting involved with the Ron Paul Revolution. When you're left to your own devices and understand that you're responsible for yourself and your neighbors, I think you start to think (and act) differently.


Completely agree!!

I heard you on my way home

I heard you on my way home from work yesterday. Nice job, I was smiling and nodding in agreement from the beginning. I just knew the Ron Paul plug was coming up. :D

You were a great caller to represent RP supporters. Knowledgeable, polite, etc.


Nice Job!

Well done! You got the message across with calm, measured common sense. Hannity was reaching there imo because you were making to many good points.

I think the important thing for us to remember when we get on-air with statists like Hannity, is to go into them knowing that you will never change their minds on anything being discussed, no matter how much sense it makes. Therefore, our focus should be on getting the message to their listeners.

Let's face it, even if they actually agreed with us on a certain point, they are paid very well to carry the message of the establishment. They always have to be the ones who are right about any given subject because their listeners follow them because they all think they're right on everything too. Most can't think for themselves so they need to have someone like Hannity to do the thinking for them.

Your call was a great example for us all! I commend you on a job well done!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"



Absolutely agree. Getting the message out is top priority!

Ya know it's strange. We are basically starting to infiltrate all of TPTB's methods of ruling. Think about it...we are all over the internet....the message is getting out on the radio... On the t.v... People who have never cared about politics are discussing it passionately..... Dr.Paul is spreading the message in our government of what "we the people" want. This movement we are a part if is really changing things and taking off. We and Dr. Paul are breathing down their necks...and they don't like it too well. Lol Guys like Hannity are starting to see things our way but are too afraid to stand up to TPTB yet...in part bc it's their livelihood.

Eventually everyone has to make a choice...with us or against us...the people are taking their power back.


Well said


Great call Twilson... You won this debate!

He can't argue against the fact that war on drugs is a failure. Pointing out the incarceration rate in this country was another fact he can't deny.

The land of the free has the most people in prison. Something is wrong with this picture!



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009


Great caller. Hannity tried to get self righteous on having 1 glass of wine. The thing is they are lowering the limit all the time so soon that 1 glass will also be outlawed. I see the headline now "Sean Hannity gets DUI".

Nice job

Nice job debating Hannity, dood. I wish reasonable people could get on his show more often and talk about issues like you did.

Hannity interrupts way too much

I can't stand it. I almost always end up sympathizing with the caller, whatever their stance.

It's really frustrating

It's really frustrating making this argument (especially since I used to be anti-legalization myself). In a free society, you should never be punished for doing something that might make you more likely to do a bad thing. If you do that bad thing you should be punished. It makes a lot more sense to focus on the actual crimes themselves, then devote so many resources to preventing drug use, which has been shone time and time again throughout history to be futile and impossible. I love how both liberals and conservatives contradict themselves on the issues of drugs and guns. Liberals see that drug prohibition is futile, but somehow think it will work with guns. Conservatives for whatever reason believe the opposite. Prohibition is based on a collectivist mindset that it is what's "best for society?" Anyone who claims to be for limited government should automatically reject such thinking. And this doesn't even account for the fact that prohibition increases violent crime as a result of black market drug trade.

Also, when Hannity made his point about "freedom requiring a moral people?" He effectively was arguing against his own position, although he didn't realize it. The reason freedom requires a moral people is because it allows people to do what they want without being controlled by other people. In an immoral society, without government oppression to maintain order, there probably will be some chaos and bad things going on. But morality cannot be legislated. Give me liberty or give me death!

I caught that too!

Hannity was making his point for him! Lol Whatta tool lol!

Anybody that doesn't realize the WoDs is the biggest

assault on our freedom ever is really ignorant. 'Course now that the WoDs is falling apart they have to come out with the war on terror.

I'll guess Hannity accused you of being for drug abuse and terrible things since you questioned these assaults on our Constitutional Rights for which many have given their life. It's almost impossible to have an honest conversation with ignorant people.

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

WoD a huge issue no one ever talks about

Man, most people just won't discuss this issue. The ones for the War on Drugs just can't get it through their heads that making it illegal isn't helping!! It's making a bad problem (drug use, particularly abuse and addiction, and accidents and bad behavior resulting from drug use) into an even WORSE problem. There are major civil liberties issues from this disaster.

Ugh, I get so riled up on this.

Great call, great points.

Great call, great points. Especially about how Michael Jackson's moral hazard was altered because he expected the society to regulate for him. You pretty much got Hannity to concede the whole argument. You could tell he kept catching himself in his own inconsistencies.

"I don't want kids to walk the streets with addicts".

I don't like druggies or drunks in public either. I never touch drugs or alcohol. But the drug isn't the problem. It's the bad behavior that can result from it. Just like you can have bad behavior from people driving their cars. Does that mean we should start an auto war to keep cars from entering the country?

If someone's out in public strung out on heroin, our laws should punish them at a local level. But if someone's smoking marijuana in the privacy of their home or in a private group, that's not hurting the children, and I frankly don't care.

And why did he say you were getting mad?? I think Hannity was getting mad with himself.

i heard you yesterday! i just

i heard you yesterday! i just happened to turn on hannity on my 10 minute drive home right as he took your call. it was awesome to hear you get so much time. he was borderline respectful to you!!! kudos!

Hannity's Just Waiting for Liberty to get a little more popular.

Hannity's a fearful douche, the guy just waits around for the hardcore Paul/Liberty movement to make these "constitutional" issues more popular, then gradually jumps on board and tries to take the helm on those issues.

Hannity = Panderer

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