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Obama blows out Perry in FL, tied with Romney and. Paul(?!)

From Public Policy Polling... my favorite line....

This may be the most positive poll for Paul that we've ever conducted- he leads by 15 points with independents even as the rest of the Republican candidates trail Obama with that voting group. The problem for Paul is that independents like him a lot more than Republicans do and that puts his chances for the nomination at slim to none...but he might really be able to make a dent if he ended up running as an independent instead.

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So.. youth support?

From the cross tabs, Age vs Vote

18 30 46 65
BO 51% 45% 48% 38%
Paul 36% 43% 44% 50%
Und 13% 11% 8% 12%

Interesting thing - when it comes down to voting, Ron Paul is strongest in the older population, at least in this poll.

Not what I'd expected...

Any idea why Ron's strongest

Any idea why Ron's strongest support in Florida is from the over 65's?


This one needs bumping up. People in FL: Take the message to the streets and tell your friends and families NOW!!! You guys might be voting there in four short months.

Two man race

Why does the MSM keep saying this is a two man race between Paul and Romney? That’s all I keep hearing; Paul and Romney, Paul and Romney …

While Romney may be in the top tier for his polish and subtlety in advocating for bigger government, continuing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and initiating a trade war with China, lesser known candidates like Buddy Roemer, Fred Karger or Rick Perry also advocate decreasing economic and personal liberties as well as expanding the reach of the Federal government. Also, former Federal Reserve banker Herman Cain has some compelling some ideas about inflating our currency and keeping Muslims from holding government jobs which merit a fair hearing.

These other alternative candidates deserve the same attention that the MSM is lavishing on Paul and Romney.

Paul ante portas.

Two Man race

Between Ron Paul and anybody else.

Great Comment Jay1!!

I was ROFLing as I read your comment on under this blog! and I get to laugh again here! Nice job...HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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I pray he runs as an

I pray he runs as an independent...

shhhh, quite! Much too early,

shhhh, quite! Much too early, now it is time to win as many Rep as possible, and show how ridiculous those who are against him.

I do too

but only if he doesn't think he'll get the nomination.. Other than that, why would he need to switch if he's already polling with independents well?

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Right now many Reps. are on a high since they think Obama is gonna' lose the election no matter what. So they are gonna' try and get the most neo-con candidate possible. Soon, they will realize that Obama isn't as universally beatable as they thought and the candidates that appeal to moderates and Inds. will be favored.

Mobilize other than Reps. to vote in the primaries

We'll have to hope that Inds. and upset Dems. will cross over and vote in the GOP primaries, hopefully for Paul. That being said, if he doesn't win the nom. then he might as well run as an Ind. since I'll vote for him anyway.

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Yes i am bumping my own post... too important for anyone to miss.

This is huge folks.

This is the hammer we need. Paul the only one that can win Florida and we cant win without Florida!