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WTF! Peter Schiff stumping for Herman Cain?

I mean seriously?

Ron Paul drops in one poll and now Schiff is infatuated by Herman Cain! Just listened to his show and the first 10 minutes are like listening to some alien that has taken over Schiff's body.

When you support a candidate you don't advocate another candidate or imply that your candidate is less electable than another.

Slowly, bit by bit, my love for Schiff is diminishing. I gave him $300 bucks for his campaign in Connecticut and made hundreds of calls for him. Now he's just launched his own SuperPAC and now he talking about how Herman Cain is the man! There is an error in the audio download which leave a minute of silence toward the end of his fawning over Cain but it picks up on the first caller who calls him out for supporting Cain. He gives Paul some lip service but in a way that only paints Paul as an even worse candidate. I just don't get it!

Maybe I'm overreacting but that just really rubbed me the wrong way. You can listen to the clip for free on his site until tomorrow at

http://www.schiffradio.com by clicking the 'Download' link. It is the 9/29 show. I almost don't want to put up that link and get him hits but you have to hear it to believe it!

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Hey Peter, you going to give Rand support in the Senate?

Rand won at his first try, partly because of his endorsement from outgoing Senator Jim Bunning, partly because of his famous dad. Add to that his sound conservative views and his ability to articulate them and you have a new Senator from the State of Kentucky.

I don't suppose that old Joe is likely to give you a nod, though your dad is courageous but not as famous. You also have sound conservative views and articulate them well.

Except for the party leadership Republicans are conservative and the rank an file tend to follow those leaders. But you are no longer an new phenom to them and grassroots Republicans tend to be conservative. New is not better to conservative minds, but you are no longer new to many of them.

You were right about the housing bubble popping but stood your ground against the unbelievers and on your last campaign you told thousands that the government's actions would make the economy worse. They all have first hand experience of your predictions coming true.

I have always liked Kucinich and I think that his heart is in the right place but on many of his positions, not so much. At the committee hearing and on your radio show you were able to reach across the Stupid Party|Toxic Party divide and speak as men sharing concerns and proffering solutions. An important capacity for the General election.

Your investments have been successful(?) and your businesses are profitable(?), growing and hiring. A good indication that you understand finance and the economy with which you work.

People don't vote for "what" ideas you're selling but why you're running.

At the hearing did I hear why? Yous said something like, I am testifying because if everyone prospers then I prosper.

That's what good businessmen know and that is how they grow. They need their customers and they work to make them prosperous.

Do the people of the Great State of Connecticut seek prosperity?

Like shooting fish in a barrel? That is salted cod packed in a barrel.

What's the first thing you do for potential clients who are unfamiliar with your business? Educate? Ask them questions?

Thinking out loud.

Free includes debt-free!

Schiff is a good guy

He understands economics and the market and the FED.

He still works within the system and has not yet grasped the true totality of the conspiracy against freedom, peace and liberty - or that is my impression.

Maybe Peter just has to much to lose or is too vested in the system and his clients to say things too clearly or maybe he just doesn't quite understand it yet.

However that is absolutely fine. Whatever the reason, Peter is free to do it how he prefers. I still believe he is 100% on the side of freedom and liberty.

H Cain's support of the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto

Must thrill Marxists, that is Progressives, everywhere.

Free includes debt-free!

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Since I know you will read

Since I know you will read this later, Mr. Schiff - you are a douchbag.

Cos Cob, CT

You need to get some Orbit gum

for your dirty mouth.

That kind of comment is not

That kind of comment is not helpful.

You know what is so ironic

Your little post reveals more about you then Mr. Schiff.

Peter Schiff Mentions Daily Paul!

On today's show, Peter Schiff mentioned this thread on the Daily Paul being critical of him! He defends himself very nicely, and reassures everyone that he hasn't become a fed loving turncoat. If you download the show from his website, he mentions the daily paul just before the 1hr 15min mark.

Reading Between the Lines

Herman Cain only dilutes votes away from Romney and Perry. That is a good thing. The better that Cain does, the worse Perry and Romney do. It is in our interest to keep Cain in the race to continue diluting votes. Recent media reports and blogs indicated Cain was on the verge of dropping out of the race. That is bad for us. We absolutely want Cain to remain in the race for the benefit of Dr. Paul. We should enourage and give Cain reasons to stay in the race.

News reports that the recent Florida poll has given Cain pause to reconsider dropping out. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/26/herman-cain-2012_n_... This is good news. We should pump that poll to help encourage Cain to remain in the race. We do not want Cain dropping out of the race which benefits Romney and Perry, and Cain dropping is a real danger.

Tactically, we want to encourage Cain to stay in the race and give him reasons to do so to continue to dilute the votes away from Perry and Romney. That does not make you a Cain supporter. It simply makes you a strategic chess player instead of a nearsighted one move ahead loser. The encouragement and positive reasons you give Cain to remain in the race is for the benefit of Dr Paul, not Herman Cain. Peter Schiff has done this. His short spiel gives Cain valid reasons to remain in the race, siphoning votes from Perry and Romney.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Not sure

...Cain isn't just the establishments new Perry.

He is a FED insider. That says it all. The way they treated him in the Florida straw poll says it all.

His remarks about "No need to audit the FED, just give them a call" says it all.

I am not sure I agree the propaganda media is not supporting him. I think it is quite clear he has got way better coverage than Ron Paul - and for a lot less success.

Seems clear to me he is the Establishment's latest puppet. The latest poll (true or not) showed Cain in front of Ron Paul which gives them the license to talk about the "3 front runners" without mentioning Ron Paul.

They will do anything to destroy the liberty message.

You sound like the thought police.

Just because Peter likes some aspects of another candidates rhetoric or their background does not mean he's "stumping" for them. Most of Peter's message was about the media igoring the results the Florida straw poll (sound familiar?)So to answer your question - Yes, you're overreacting. Peter's testimony before the congressional jobs committee alone should have earned him a solid "friend" label by now.

- Liberty and Prosperity -

members of our revolution...

should be somewhat conscious of the way our candidate is dismissed, denounced, and excluded at every turn.

As we saw during his Senate campaign, Schiff doesn't necessarily support the ant-war platform. He came out sounding kinda neocon in 2010- admittedly because he thought it to be mroe electable position. It worries me that Schiff may be more of a self-promoter/social climber than a man of courage and principle.

On the other hand, it must be tough for talkshow hosts who are in our camp- I know Mike Church has been criticized for being so pro-Ron Paul http://www.mikechurch.com/Public-Transcripts/the-end-of-qron.... So I suppose some praise for other candidates is good for credibility.

Since so few media-types lend that praise to Ron Paul, it hurts that 'one of our own' would give overt praise to a competitor

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Read this from RP Forums - really good:


Maybe Peter Schiff should read it too.

Also the guy references a very interesting article at the end that sites other persons in the past unhappy with the FED:

Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, is not the first U.S. politician to point to the abuses of the Federal Reserve System and call for its abolishment. Similar pleas to get rid of the Fed were made by Reps. Wright Patman (1893-1976) and Henry Gonzales (1916-2000), both Democratic congressmen from Texas and chairmen of the House Banking Committee.

But the strongest opposition came later, during the Great Depression. The source was Rep. Louis T. McFadden, a Republican representative from Pennsylvania who, as a former bank cashier and president, knew the financial system intimately.

The latter fellow (McFadden) had two attempts on his life - the third attempt (presumed poisining) left him dead. These people are evil.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Thousands of people have been deliberately killed for going against the elite and millions have been ignored and silenced in other ways.

The elite is a very small group of people who run this blue planet and they have done so for millenia. They are not going to give that up easily and they have a history of getting their way no matter what it takes. Killing millions abroad and thousands at home has not been a problem for them before and still isn't today.

But killing is normally their last resort. It is always much easier to have people fired from powerful positions, run people into financial ruin or just simply ridicule and ignore them.

Thank you

I had been wondering for a while, but was too lazy to look for it myself ;), if there had been more people like Ron Paul in the past. Of course there had to be, but I had not looked yet. Most interesting articele provided in the link. Thanks!

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

What does "stumping" mean?

What does "stumping" mean? The Internet has never heard of this term. Were you thinking of another word, maybe?

What, you don't google?

It's right there as plain as day in the relevant context.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

"Stumping" is a colloquialism

referring to campaigning.
Derived from standing on a tree stump to give a speech, back in the olden days.

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In context with his greater body of work

I found the segment unenjoyable, but he did later as one poster kindly transcribed claimed Paul to be his first choice and Cain to be his third.

Having listened to about 100 hours of Schiff speaking, reading two of his books, and a few dozen articles, I don't think this one bothersome 10 minute clip demonstrates that he is a mole or traitor or anything.

I've come to the point where I refuse to talk about the pros and cons of any other candidate besides Paul (and Johnson) because I'm so mentally invested in Paul. Maybe it just sounds awkward for some of us (like myself) to listen to someone on the team discuss other candidates with anything but plain disgust.

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Hmmmm, maybe Schiff doesn't

Hmmmm, maybe Schiff doesn't know about Herman Cain's scandalous Enron-esque theft of his employees' retirement funds. http://notcain.com/lqj

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Thumbs down

Schiff is about as big a RP supporter as their is. Stay solid people don't let them split us

Vote Ron Paul and Believe Again
You ♬ say you ♫ want a ♬ revolution - ♫ well, you know...♫

the only reason..

the only reason schiff is even a blip on the radar, is because he supports Ron Paul.
if he backs anybody but Ron Paul, he will become meaningless again, no matter how much he preaches about the 'free market..

self proclaimed free market capitalists are all over, but ardent Ron Paul supporters are who we support - thats the litmus test for anyone seeking an audience.

Not all of us have to agree.

Not all of us have to agree.

Get used too it.

drop it like its hot ...

drop it like its hot ... (this thread)

there's absolutely no reason to be upset about this

as long as he doesn't attack ron paul

like self described libertarian katherine mangu and her ilks do, i'm fine with it.

he might channel some cain audience into paul, but there's no need for petty reasons like this. guy's fuking 50 years old. he can do what he wants.

everybody's got a career. whether he wants herman cain's audience or something is his decision.. i'm not gonna spend so much time around personalities in politics that i start to sound like a drama queen looking deep into everything everyone ever says that doesn't hurt in the grand scheme of things. something like this thread starter is in.

there's a term for this.. it's drama queen.

Peter Schiff

Seems kind of eccentric to me. I wouldnt worry about anything he says or does on any one occasion.

I'm not a fan.

I listened to it. It sounds like he's trying to appeal to a mainstream audience - like he wants some of Beck's action. A few of his comments make him worthy of derision, in my book:

"But I think what the message is is very clear is that if the republicans want to beat President Obama - and you would think that mainstream republicans would be looking at these polls - that if they want to beat Obama, if that's their goal, then Cain seems to be, based on these polls, the most likely candidate to actually beat him."

"If you could put Ron Paul's brain into Herman Cain's, you know, body for his presence to give a speech, you know, the other candidates would have to just conceed!...

Oh really? Pulease, Peter. Next.

He's another dude craving attention.

To be fair, Peter Schiff also says in the same show:

"Most of the other candidates other than Ron Paul, probably have no idea how the banking system works."

"Would he [Cain] be a better president than Ron Paul, no!"

"When people say, 'why do you like Herman Cain?' He is not my favorite, because I like Ron Paul, and I also like Gary Johnson, but my third choice would be Herman Cain...Is he as good, in my opinion, as Ron Paul, no, on the ideology, but he's got better - Ron Paul was a physician, but this guy was running businesses."

"Even with a Ron Paul in the White House, you're still going to unfortunately see a lower dollar, you're going to see a higher gold price, and it's going to get worse before it gets better, but at least it will get better. With the other candidates it will just keep getting worse, and it will never get better."

"He [Paul] definitely is bringing in some libertarians certainly, he's bringing in some moderates, independents, even some Democrats, who are attracted to his message."

"I'm sure a lot of the people in the military who are supporting Ron Paul, would probably support Obama if it weren't for the Ron Paul alternative. They really appreciate that message, he wants to bring those troops home now. And the troops want to come home. I don't think they like it in Afghanistan, or in Iraq, I think they would rather be home with their families. So I think that's a powerful message, when there's somebody that you actually believe is going to bring the troops home. So, yeah, he's certainly expanding the party."

Schiff is sucking up too much to Cain and giving him too much benefit of doubt, but I think Schiff is trying to get Cain back on his show. And I don't think Schiff feels Cain will really win, nor will he support him over Ron Paul. He said he thinks Cain is the best at siphoning off Romney's supporters.

Come on

Since when has Cain done as well as Dr.Paul on the whole in polls? He's won 2 I think......

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I started this thread and

I started this thread and have looked over the comments and it seems they fall into two camps. That Schiff is trying to pull a bait and switch on Cain supporter... Or one on us. He mentioned on the interview that Cain has been on the show multiple times. So I'm sure, in Schiff's eyes, he's got some cred for that and that probably has turned on a lot of Cain supporters to Schiff. Some have commented that it wasn't so much what he said but how it came across and I have to agree that is where it rubbed me wrong too. I don't thing we should write Schiff off... I certainly don't want to having supported him all this time... but we should hold his feet to the fire a little I think and ask him what all of this is about. Who are we know what is in his heart but we should pay attention to his deeds in the coming months.
That being said I do know a lot a people who after meeting him, as one commenter here experienced, went from being a fan to not liking him at all. I have a friend that was a huge fan and she even traveled to a conference in New Orleans in 2009 just to meet him and when she did all he said to her was "Have you donate [to his campaign] yet?" Though it doesn't sound too harsh it put her off so much that she decries him and is very much an un-fan now. If you mention his name she will tell you what she thinks of him. I've always defended him with her or justified in my own my that it can't be all that bad but her experience does say with me in the back of my head. So it is when I hear things like I did today on his show, plus years of other times telling myself "naw he's Right On" which led me to post here on DP, not just this incident alone. I hope it's not the case that he's a total flake but I'm glad to see what people are saying on this thread. I think it's a good discussion.