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RP Campaign Donation Letters: Can I opt out and save them some cash?

I understand that direct mailing for donations works well for most campaigns, however I have never once donated to any campaign by returning a piece of direct mail, and don't intend to do so in the future. Despite this, I have still donated to most of the recent money bombs via the campaign website, and will continue to do so until I max out or run out of money entirely... whichever comes first.

I can't imagine it's cheap for the campaign to send out tens if not hundreds of thousands of letters to mailboxes nationwide. Considering the financial might of the establishment we're fighting, I want to save the campaign those funds so they can pursue more fruitful ventures instead of sending me some paper I will immediately recycle.

Does anyone know of a way that I, and perhaps others like me, can opt out of receiving direct mail donation requests? Are there others out there who share my sentiments? Perhaps someone can pass the word along to the campaign...

Cheers to cutting spending!


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Use them! Buy some Ron Paul

Use them! Buy some Ron Paul stickers, stickem on the envolopes front & Back & mail some small donations!:)


I'm on this site 4+ times a day and have given a substantial amount of $$ for a college student. I'm in for the long haul, and the last thing I need/want is is for them to waste money on me. Let us opt out so that you can invest in finding other donors/supporters!

Can you collect a buck a piece from other students?


Free includes debt-free!

Return to Sender

I guess any mail you receive could be returned to them for re-use.

Been thinking the same thing!

Been thinking the same thing! The youth is paperless!

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Why make the campaign work, they sent it to you to find someone

You don't know anyone who might need a hint.

If you want this campaign to succeed, take action!

Primaries start in three months.


Free includes debt-free!


About 3 months ago they sent me a letter with a prepaid return envelope to donate money with...I sent it back with my own envelope with a sticky attached asking them to remove my mailing address...explained that I donate monthly, get all the emails, and visit their site along with multiple other friendly sites daily. Ended by stating that I didn't want the campaign wasting their time or money on a vote and supporter they already have in the bank...use it on others.

I have not received a letter in the maul since but still get all the emails. Others on DP have stated similar success by calling in to the campaign with similar requests.

Semper Fi!

Ron Paul 2012!

Thanks for the info

I'll do that next time I receive campaign mail. Ron Paul had me at 'Just Come Home.' Send the mail to a stranger to the cause.

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Mission Impossible! Your job should you accept it

Is to pass it along with your testimonial that it is a good cause. Liberty is the finest of causes.

This message will self destruct. Pfffft.

Free includes debt-free!

Direct mail seems counter-intuitive...

But believe me, they know what they're doing.

I run a direct mail operation and it's a science. It may seem like it's a waste of money, but it's not.

Let me give you an example. It would seem like sending a one-page letter using a bulk rate with the USPS would be the best way to go, right? After all, you're only asking the recipient to read one page and you're saving money on postage.

But you'd be wrong.

It's a FACT that the longer the letter it is, the better it does... fundraising letters that I send out are generally 8-12 pages, single side, with lots of "white space" on them.

And it's a FACT that when organizations use a first class stamp (the actual stamp) that returns are better.

It doesn't make any sense, but these are facts.

And they know what they're doing.

The youngsters want facebook, the oldsters want direct mail

It's a fact. Established organizations that ignore this, will fail at fundraising.

Find an oldster and do them a favor.

Free includes debt-free!

The thing is

the money is all going to the same campaign. Just send a small donation and a bunch of forever stamps...

I don't like getting the calls either, but every other time, I donate something to, A) cover the cost of the call and B) support the good Doctor.

They must utilize every effective method to fundraise and get support. I support that.

double ditto

I get them 2 at a time for some reason.


the letter to a friend that you've been talking to about Dr. Paul. The letters are generally pretty good...

Excellent Idea

I'd still probably have to review the letter itself just to make sure it's coming from an angle they'd be receptive to.

Maybe I'll post one on a bulletin board or leave it in the campus library or something... hehe

Red Wagon Lab Original Ron Paul decals and tees!

I agree with this to an extent

Really though, it is not "that" costly to send out the mail. If you've donated even $20 to the campaign, it would probably cover all mailings to you for the election cycle. I do like some of the mailing, like "Carols present for Ron" and would have returned it sooner had I not been out of town for the week.

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My house got 4 of those cards

I receive 2 mailers every time + 2 others in my home are (online) donors = My address receives 4 duplicate mailers every time.

They are not duplicates, there your part of the campaign.

Find new donors. Get er done!

Free includes debt-free!

Best thing to do is to max

Best thing to do is to max out ASAP. That'll stop the solicitations. jk :)

I have wondered

I have wondered the same thing. The campaign doesn't need to spend money sending me things in the mail. I keep up with everything online and donate to Ron Paul often.


How to stop the redundant mailing. I'm on the DP every day.