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New Book: Understand the Constitution like Ron Paul

I just found this new book online today - it is really spectacular.


This book is entitled "The People's Guide to the US Constitution." I don't know if it's gotten coverage here at DP yet, but if so, it deserves a second mention.

The US Constitution is a wonderful document, but understanding it is a challenge since it was written 200+ years ago. Same thing with the Declaration of Independence. In fact, only 28% of US adults have ever read it!

The book provides a bridge between the constitution and the common man, with NO SPIN. It defines ALL the hard to understand words, and provides important historical context - really awesome.

Ron Paul can defend our Liberties since he knows what those Liberties are. I'm going to buy and read this - and use the knowledge to bridge the constitution into the understanding of others who really do need to read it and get it!

In the absence of understanding, there is no application... Here's to applying the constitution, and understanding it just as well as RP!

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