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MSNBC: Ron Paul Gets More Donations From US Soldiers Than ALL Other Candidates Combined Including Obama! 9/29/11

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Positive and not at the same time

Yeah, it's a positive peace in a sense that it's saying the truth about what RP is talking about. It's negative in a sense that they are presenting it as "an evolution of message" (as if he's not consistent either) when in fact this is exactly what he's been talking about for years. He was always very explicit about not pulling the rug from under those that are dependent on the government

For me, this was somewhat a mixed bag

I don't care for how they portrayed his stance on entitlements as becoming more mainstream, but I have to remember that to them mainstream is a good thing. It's obvious that Ron Paul is still consistant and it would be hard to prove otherwise.

What I think is good about the piece, is what they are basically reporting on is Ron Paul being compassionate. Not in the way I would but none the less, it's an upgrade from SNLs depiction of him letting puppies burn in a building. Libertarian ideals can come off as lacking compassion. Ron Paul is so strong on his stances, for people to hear him tell them he cares about them, it means a lot more.

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This one was first and has a better title

No reason to vote up or comment on a repost.

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Gives me the creeps. Besides that that was a very fundamental report on RP. Very little substance imo.

The only plus that could be out of that is that some confused democrats switch parties and vote RP


cool ron got good press the

cool ron got good press the last few weeks he's been getting good press

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Now if we can only get these

Now if we can only get these types of discussions on Fox and CNN we'll have the conservative audience.

This is good

First of all I read a comment below that said this makes Dr.Paul look like a flip floper...no it does not. it shows that he has what it takes to be president. he is not going to start cutting from the bottom up he will cut from the top down meaning WARS!. you know the mass killing of millions of people "
innocent" or not..(not for us to decide) Second Most of America is not so involved in Politics as we are here unfortunately but since they are not this piece will easily speak to them in a good way.

This an outstanding piece to air on MSNBC

One thing that should be emphasized on this type of reporting is that Ron Paul is also the most honest one in the race. Ron Paul's word is as good as gold, unlike any of the others in the race. If Ron says he wont take the elderly off of their entitlements, you can take that to the bank. It is seeing positive reporting about the good Doctor like this that gets me so motivated! Ron Paul is POTUS!

This was a great piece on Dr.

This was a great piece on Dr. Paul. Bump it up!

- Brennan

On cuts to elderly

On cuts to elderly funding...

Ron Paul: "That's not going to happen".

"Compassionate." "Veterans speaking on behalf of Ron Paul.."

"More donations than any other candidate including Obama..."

"And it also strikes me, Ron Paul wanting to go mainstream."


How can anyone call this a hit piece? I thought it was a great 3 and a half minutes of free positive press.

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What a hit piece...

What a fuckin distortion on Paul's message. This video is a complete hit piece on Paul, a complete effort to make him look like just another flip flopper. So what if they threw that piece in on military donations, this news clips undermines the most important aspect of Paul: his consistency over 30 years and the fact that he can actually be trusted. And Paul has been saying since '08 that from a principle perspective, he's against such programs, but he never said he'd get rid of them ASAP...

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Yes, I was felling the same.

There were good points, but that guy either has not done his Ron Paul research or he is trying to make Ron look like a flip flopper. In this case I really do think the former is true. This guy got stuck on a job and he has not taken any time to research the real Ron Paul. He probably only listened to MSM soundbites.

I think you're wrong

I believe that this is positive exposure that enables a response from the Dr. which, in turn, should bode well in regard to attracting newcomers.

I agree, overall it's a pretty decent piece for NBC

As I was watching it I expected much worse, but it never came. Their attack was that he was a flip-flopper and going mainstream, but the issues they were claiming he did this on are probably seen as a positive for their audience.

If it was intended to be an attack, it backfires.

Most people already know, on both ends of the political spectrum, that if there is one thing Ron Paul is not, it's a flip-flop or mainstream establishment candidate. Consistency and real change is what Ron Paul is famous for.

So, overall it's a pretty good piece for Ron Paul.


Cuts out every time with an error.

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@ 2:00 mark if you just want to hear about


I don't know why it's so hard for these talking heads to get Ron Paul's platform straight. He DID say the same thing four year ago: that we won't cut welfare recipients off cold turkey.

I'm sick of how unprofessional these guys are. Tell the truth for once.

Great exposure!

This piece is positve publicity to the max. Chuckie's got it twisted a little, but it gives Dr. Paul a chance to elaborate and I think that then, more and more people who haven't been paying attention will begin to wake up. This is a GREAT message for the platform.


He has always said that we need to examine our entitlement system while getting a balanced budget. The first place to cut is overseas spending.

From THERE we can start cutting at home to get balanced. Cripes....

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