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Video: Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wall Street - END THE FED!

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i've seen most of the clips in here before but the "explosions in the sky" soundtrack just makes it that much more inspirational and moving. long live liberty!

7:22-7:40 Michael Nystrom, DailyPaul Founder, w/ speaking part!

Mr Michael Nystrom, founder of DailyPaul (presented on screen) makes his brief statement in this Ron Paul video @ 7:22-7:40. Approximately 18 seconds of fame.

This 10 minute video captures many highlights of Ron Paul's career & public speaking from 1988 to present. Many supporters speak up. I am very pleased to see Mr Nystrom speaking out.

Perhaps Mr Nystrom was too humble to mention it... but, I am not. Congratulations Mr Nystrom & DailyPaul. Humble as we may wish to be, our name is out in front of 112 K views as of tonight. In less than a month, this version has done very well.

Posted to YouTube along with the video is the following:

Suggest we could add: DailyPaul.com

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Very well done!

Bravo Michael, one of the smoothest video's I've seen.

I reserve the right to govern myself.


This video is the best single educational tool and introduction to Ron Paul that I've seen so far. Very well made!!

I recommend that the Ron Paul campaign staff and volunteers distribute this video (CD) as part of a door-by-door Statewide campaign canvasing effort in Iowa, New Hamsphire, S.C., Michigan, Nevada, etc.

Yes this is a great video to vent Ron Paul, but

the OWS going on right now is not Ron Paul endorsed as far as I know. It would be counter promoting to get involved in what is clearly controlled by communists and progressives who would like to bait and switch. Innocent Tea baggers are being sucked in I'm sure. This OWS is a prop for the general election. The lefties must be running scared.
They know they must have the middle class, or lose.

Stick to the message. STAY AWAY from Wall Street.

"Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wall Street - END THE FED!"???

"Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wall Street - END THE FED!"???

Where exactly in this video does Ron Paul have any message about or directed at the Occupy Wall Street protest?

I was very surprised to see this video on the first page of dailypaul.com to say the least.

I would very much like to see Ron Paul address the Occupy Wall Street protest, but placing this video on the first page seems like a misrepresentation of what he defends.

I am well aware this website is private property and that at the end of the day Mr. Nystrom is the boss, but I as a Ron Paul supporter must protest the title of the video since it is misleading.

If you don't mind answering a question Mr. Nystrom, in your opinion, should Ron Paul supporters join the Occupy Wall Street protest? (I am assuming you do think Ron Paul supporters should join because this video appears on the first page of this website and the title suggests the involvement of Ron Paul and his supporters.)



I try to change people every day. Do You?

Do not tie Dr. Paul to OWS

I think guys won't be this naive. These OWS people are not part of liberty movement. They do not support sound money, nor do they support free market. They are leftists, hyper-progressives and socialists. Keynes is their saint. Just read progressive blogs, they attack Hayek and Rothbard day in and day out. Yes they may agree us upon End the Fed, but for complete different purpose. They want merge Fed in to treasury, have government totally in control of printing press, so their union friends could take a bigger share of "unlimited" revenue. This is last missing piece of hyperinflation that Ben Bernanke can't put together.
So please, enough for Maher, Kuncinich and Nader.

I love this vid BUT

this is the original with over 100K views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKz9OeiI0g
Watch/send this one to send the viewcount soaring

Bill Maher?!

Why is Biill Maher in a lot of pro Ron Paul videos? And don't say for liberal / blue republican appeal... (appeal to liberals shouldn't repel an equal or greater number of self-proclaimed 'conservatives' simultaneously) The guy is a statist-on-steroids who only likes RP because of his opposition to the drug war... THAT'S IT. And bottom line, if Ron Paul miraculously won the GOP nomination, I'd be willing to wager my precious metals savings that Maher would still vote for Obama anyway (if he votes at all).

Other than that, these sort of videos are great, but just seeing Maher's face ruins it for me.

Remember how this Maher mocked Rand .

What does he have to do with Dr. Paul's message of constitutional government, sound money, personal liberty and personal responsibility?

We need to send this to

We need to send this to everybody we know. If anyone watches this video and doesn't become a Paul supporter they must be working for one of the other campaigns.

BEST video thus far!

This is the BEST video thus far. If the Revolution SuperPAC takes this general concept, cuts it down to 60 seconds, and makes an ad out of it - THAT I would donate to. I have liked the other videos, but to be fair they are similar to something any candidate could put out. THIS is different.

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.

BEST Video by far!

Please go the the original Youtube and share it to help make it go viral! 100K+ hits so far!

Title is misleading but OMG what a Great Video. I don't know how you could consolidate it to 60 seconds but thats a great idea!

We could also keep the video whole and buy up 10 minute slots on late night and low cost airing times in infomercial type formats and run the hell out of it. I've seen them all and this on has my eyes tearing up at it's potential to turn people on and get out the vote.

Bill Maher and Joh Stewart are some of the ONLY television personalities who are giving RP full kudos. (And that is in fromt of a very receptive audience to Ron Pauls message.) Why would you want us to keep quite about that??
Rush, Hannity, O'Reily would have him gagged if they could and thats who conservatives are getting their matching orders from.

Liberals and Independents are essential to this effort.

That was excellent.

The best I've ever seen.



Linda Cross's picture

Great Video, but....

For those who are complaining that this is just a re-upload with a new name, the reason for that appears obvious. Anyone would wish that the participants of Occupy Wall Street, (and the whole world) would watch this film. It's new name may help it to reach some of those folks. I for one clicked on it because I have been hoping that Ron Paul would address the situation. You see, I take my marching orders from Ron Paul as I am sure that the rest of you do too. I've been reading on this site about the conflict Occupy Wall street has caused amongst us. There are some who believe we should join the protesters, others who believe we should go down there and pass out flyers and try to "convert" them, then others who believe we should stay the hell away. This video is a great tool to reach out to them (from a safe distance).

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Nice video but...

...I cannot in good conscience place this on my blog - it shows breasts and it was unnecessary. I was encouraged; can we have a more family-appropriate version?

Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders


And just what is so wrong with breasts?

Look: Little babies see and suck on bare breasts day-after-day for survival, so why then are bare breasts all-of-a-sudden a "harmful" and horrible thing to that exact same baby (or any other kid) just a couple years later-? It makes no logical sense whatsoever.

All this contrived "moral outrage" about children seeing a bare breast and being harmed by it is a phony, ridiculous lie.

Children have no issues with nudity at all. Little children themselves have no shame, and no fear about nudity -- it is only adults (brainwashed) who have been taught (religous extremism) to think this way.

Social repression is far, far unhealthier than nudity ever is, ever was, or ever will be.

I just checked out her blog - varight.com

And she is a Cain supporter.

"Herman Cain ROCKS!"

If Cain fizzles - she advocates going with either Chris Christie or Sarah Palin.

Barring that - she regrets having to go with RINO Romney.

Its not any breasts she has trouble with - she just doesnt like Ron Paul.

I just watched the entire video again to check

where the BREASTS were.

I am STILL not sure to what this person is refering. There was an image used as part of the x-ray imaging used by TSA which showed a womans breast outline.

And there was a a picture of a woman in a red tank top being groped on the breast by the TSA.

But breasts? Other than the x-ray outline I don't have a clue as to what she was talking about.

What was shown was very appropriate in my opinion and not "family inappropriate" at all. UNLESS this particular family wears burkas.

an uplifting start to the morning

thanks DP

300,000 million

why aren't there 300,000,000 people watching this? how about 1,000,000 ?c'mon


Ron Paul Rap!!!!

You guys gots see this one!!! It's Great!!!

That thing sucks!

Stop spamming that crap in other topics, it has it's own.

Stop Spamming?? Bro go lick

Stop Spamming?? Bro go lick Obamas sack!! What the hell is wrong with you?


Your imagery would be more effective if it were more subtle.

Great watching it again..for

Great watching it again..for the fifth time..LOL

Great Video

Such a great campaign video. I have some people to convert to our side next weekend, this should do the trick. It shows consistence, a lot of his positions and really shows that the soldiers are getting tired of the wars.

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.
Ron Paul

I like the addition of the

I like the addition of the Explosions In The Sky song. That was off one of their earlier albums. Amazing band.