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Southern Strategy For Ron Paul To Win The GOP Nomination - It's Working

Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina...

Perry, Romney, Paul....

1st, 2nd, 3rd...for now.

I expect Ron Paul to do very well in Iowa. He may not win, but he does not have to spend a small fortune in Iowa to remain relevant in this race. For Bachmann, it's a must win or bow out.

New Hampshire is open to the independent vote. If Romney and Perry fail to win in New Hampshire, they are finished and the 2012 republican presidential race will enter into a whole new territory that has not been seen since the days of Warren G. Harding.

By the time the primary elections take place, the majority of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are going to vote for anyone besides Romney or Perry.

Information, and word of mouth advertising travels at light speed in 2011.

SOUTH CAROLINA is KEY in my opinion. After Perry and Romney go the way of Giuliani and Thompson, Ron Paul will have a grand opportunity to win in the south.

I think that the SOUTH is the going to ultimately choose the 2012 republican nominee, and Ron Paul is doing quite well in the southern states right now....for a very BIG and important reason.

Texas is a huge military state. So is South Carolina. So is Georgia. So is North Carolina. So is Virginia.

The military supports Ron Paul, overwhelmingly....they want to come home, and their families want them to come home too.

The South is going to vote for the anti-war candidate that doesn't just give lip service to the constitution.

It also helps to have your son (Rand Paul) as a senator in Kentucky.

And here is a key FACT: Mitt Romney did not win a SINGLE southern state in the 2008 primary elections.

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NC...A Hard Nut To Crack

This state is flooded with illegals....loads in my area where they go to pick crops. I'm sure some of them 'vote'.
Add the fact that in truth, the unemployment rate here is really closer to 24%...I have heard people at the ECS say they believe it to be as high as 37% in my county.
They are going to have to see, hear, and understand, how getting them off welfare is the best thing for them. They are not looking down the road at a year or 2 from now...they are looking at the RIGHT NOW.
The Republican Party here is all stuck on Cain for the most part..Romney is the 2nd choice. The more I try to tell them about Ron Paul...the more they want nothing to do with me. (I was very respectful the entire time talking to them..they just refused to listen)
And with Obama meeting with Gov.Bev every time he comes near here...this state is still...from where I can see it...DemoRat.
It would take a miricle worker to come here and get the people to see the truth.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Huck took all the southern states last time

This time the big competitors in the south will be Perry and Cain. I don't see anyone else being a threat in the south. Though I'm not sure how Bachman would be received in the south.

I hope you are right, but I don't see any facts to back you up.

There are few recent if any polls in most Southern States. Florida has the most recent, and Paul is in 5th. South Carolina has him in 5th also, though the poll is much older, and his number is half what his national and Florida number is.

Outside of that, unless you have polling that shows any other States with strong support for Ron, I just don't see it the way you do.

Ron needs to be in the top 3 (rally 2) in Iowa. If he doesn't win it, it needs to be as by a razor thin margin as possible-I'm talking about having to speak in terms of votes, not even whole percentages.

Romney has NH in the bag unless something drastic happens between now and then. 41%!! in the latest poll with Ron in second all the way back at 14%. Yes, that is a solid 14, and it doesn't account for independents or crossovers, but unless there is a MASSIVE push for independents and crossovers, you can chalk that one up to Romney.

Nevada is all Romney so far as well. Paul is in single digits there.

That leaves Florida and SC, already noted.

So, I hope things are shaping up favorably. I hope you are right. But so far, I see no facts to support this conclusion.

I want as much as anyone for RP to be the nominee, but he has to step it up.

And it won't take much. Talking to people, he needs to toot his own horn more. Most people out there have no idea about his consistency and integrity.

They do not know his list of "nevers" that we are all familiar with.

He can keep educating, but it's time to push the turbo button and kick this campaign into a higher gear.

People want better, they want principled, they want consistent, they want solutions, but so far, Ron is not tooting his own horn enough. He has to find a way to use whatever media time he gets to MAKE NEWS by giving his principled record until people are sick of it.

Good Morning America, How Are Ya?

And how can we forget the great state of Louisiana?


City of New Orleans...

Cajun Country LOVES Ron PAUL!!!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Too many assumptions for me.

I don't think the fact that Ron Paul gets more donations from active military than all other candidates translates as him having overwhelming support of the military.

First, the amounts in question are a mere whisker compared to total contributions. Probably very few soldiers bother to make political donations -- way less than 1% I'd say.

Next we must ask what type of soldier is motivated to donate to Ron Paul. I can almost hear the opposition spin: "Ah, these are just the sniveling mamma's boy wusses who joined to get their college tuition paid and are afraid of going into battle. They want Ron Paul to bring them home so they don't have to fight." I'd rather think of Paul's donors being steely-eyed veterans who took their oath to defend the constitution seriously but the interpretation above could be correct. Maybe the GI's who are Ron Paul donors are despised by most in the military. Without a decent study we don't know.

The idea of Mitt Romney losing New Hampshire is tossed out without examination but let's examine it. Romney has a huge lead in all New Hampshire polling. Somehow a big majority of NH Republicans are sold on the suit. For Romney to lose, a great many of these shallow image-loving Republicans would have to be pried loose, given the red pill, and be reborn as ardent Ron Paul supporters, all in the next four months. Do you really see this happening?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes, I already see it

Yes, I already see it happening. Romney and Perry's polling numbers are collapsing. Romney can win in the northeast, and Utah...and that's about it. Perry's polling numbers are even worse. He fell over 20% ! Rick is as good as Bachmann. Perry is done, everyone in the Beltway knows it, which is why you hear all the talk about Chris Krispy.

"I don't think the fact that Ron Paul gets more donations from active military than all other candidates translates as him having overwhelming support of the military."

---- Then why did Ron Paul get the most military donations in 2008 as well?

There is a consistent, 4 year long trend here and you dismiss it.

You are failing to recognize the 10,000 lb elephant in the room.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

OK, analogy.

Only five members of your 500-member freshman class at Couch Potato High join the track team. One is a dud but four are great at their running events and they prevail at the state championship track meet.

From this example could you say that Couch Potato High freshmen are overwhelmingly superior runners? Remember, only one of the five was a dud so 80% of them were great runners.

What we don't know though, because they didn't join the track team, is how fast the rest of your freshman class is. Only 1% of the class went out for track. For all we know the rest could be beaten by a tortoise in a footrace. There is no way we can conclude anything about the speed of the class as a whole from the performance of just five (1%) of its members.

When it comes to assessing the prevailing political preference in our armed forces we cannot take the small percentage who bother to make political donations as representative of the whole. THAT LOGIC should be the "elephant in the room."

(Please take none of this to mean I don't hope you are absolutely right.)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ron Paul and Rick Perry are the only two who have served

One is full of common sense, an economic genius, and the only consistent and honest person in the race. The other is a blithering idiot.

We should all put this as our status on Facebook ......

Ron Paul is an economic genius!

You have an excellent point!

...and I hope you're right!

Trevor W

From your lips...

From your lips to God's ears. Let's hope you're right!

The south's gonna rattle again (hank jr. cover): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDJCFBLmJOc

God Bless The South!

God Bless The South!

AWESOME cover of Hank W. Jr. I wish I could play a guitar and sing like that.

The War of Northern Aggression continues to this day, and it must end.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Another big military state,

Another big military state, Georgia.


August 29, 2011

Herman Cain Wins Georgia Republican Straw Poll

The totals:

- Herman Cain, 232 or 26 percent;
- Ron Paul, 229 or 25.7 percent;
- Rick Perry, 179 or 20 percent;
- Newt Gingrich, 162 or 18 percent;
- Mitt Romney, 51 or 6 percent...

Ron lost by 3 votes in Georgia. Perry and Romney didn't come close.....

A sign of things to come in the south?

Florida doesn't count. It was the only southern state to vote for Obama.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.