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Free Republic.com Censors Ron Paul supporters

The web site freerepublic.com is censoring any mention of Ron Paul's foreign policy on Iran that supports his views. Today I posted a response to an article that claimed Ron Paul was crazy for saying Iran did not have nukes. I noted that Dr. Paul had his information from the CIA. I also noted that the CIA had also said Iraq was not a threat to us but we had gone to war anyway. Because of this post my privileges were revoked.

I called and talked directly to the owner of the website ,Jim Robinson. He told me my posting privilege had been revoked because I was a Ron Paul supporter. He then hung up on me.

This site freerepublic.com has the whole page filled with constitutional quotes,there is even a picture of Rand Paul on there. It says it is a Tea Party site. The horrible fact is that it is a neo-con infiltration of the Tea Party. I e-mailed Jim Robinson telling him he should remove all reference to the constitution since he does not believe in the 1st amendment( freedom of speech).... He was very nasty saying he did not care,called all Ron Paul supporters Paultards and said we could all boycott his site if we didn't like it. Spread the word...This site is a fraud...

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that website was essentially co-opted by neocons quite some time ago.

It's worthless.

pettyphy - pls post the link to the article

you were responding to on the website.


The blog is titled .....Rep Ron Paul(R)(Tx-22) " no evidence Iran is developing a nuclear weapon" You will have to sign up to post anything.

My response said basically that Dr. Paul got his information from the CIA that said Iran did not have a nuclear weapon.I also suggested that he go look it up for himself before supporting another War.I reminded that the CIA also said Iraq was not a threat to the US. and that after we went to war there it was proved that Iraq did not have W.M.D.s This response was to a blogger that was calling Dr. Paul a racist against Israel. He got to post his insults but I got my privileges revoked for my response to that post.


why not post the link?

just like I did here about Solyndra.


it is easier to get to if you post the link.

I made a comment over there

I made a comment over there (registered just to do so) that was littered with references to how great Ron Paul is and how the other candidates have nothing going for them, it said it went to moderation, and then was posted.

yes raisputin

Seems they are reading through anything about Ron Paul and then deciding whether to post it or not.........Try going back and post something about antiwar policy and I bet you will also have your privileges revoked too. The owner Jim Robinson called Ron Paul supporters Trolls in an e-mail he sent me.

The title of the blog is Rep Ron Paul(R)(TX-22)"no evidence Iran is developing a nuclear weapon" 09/29/2011


Maybe Free Republic should

Maybe Free Republic should change it's name to Globalist Elitists.

There does seem to be a couple

pro-Paul posters who haven't been kicked.

What you're saying has happened before and as blatantly, but I do need more accounts of this before I can condemn them for being that silly. In the case of Red State, Red State admitted it and there were multiple accounts from Paul supporters who we knew to be cool players.

Are you sure your comments were within the conduct you agreed to when you joined the site? Were you calm and professional when talking to the site owner?

But something does seem fishy. The commenters do seem to be willing to show their ignorance with reckless abandon, perhaps as if they're used to not being challenged, but it could also be that they know some other neocon will have their back when they get called out.

BTW, the First Amendment only applies to the state. Free Republic is not bound by it.

Defend Liberty!

all I know to do is try it for yourself and see

Wish I could send you a copy of the e-mail.The inappropriate post were the ones bashing Ron Paul and calling him names for his unwillingness to go to war with Iran. The Article that was being discussed was called " no evidence Iran is developing a nuclear weapon".....It was from the WMAL Broadcast this morning. Just try bringing up the war in Iraq and how the WMD was a lie.......That is what got me censored plus the owner told me himself it was because I was a Ron Paul supporter.


I'm sure Jefferson and Madison would

be so proud of the intellectual Constitutional renaissance evidenced at Freep...NOT

They don't like most of the candidates, though. I know there is a long-time disgust with Romney, and Perry and even Bachmann don't get much love from them. It seems to me most of those guys are Palin fanboys. They keep hoping she'll run. TBH I do too muahahahaha