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How can we win?

Beyond donating to the campaign, and beyond volunteering, there are a few things that are necessary for us to move on if we are going to really get Ron Paul the GOP nomination.

No matter how you may feel about Ron Paul, many don't have your interest in politics or even look beyond the talking points to understand the true differences in candidates. Some in the GOP may not even care as long as they think the candidate they pick can beat Obama.

We all need to pick Discussion Boards and Websites to become members on or at least visit so that we can start getting Ron Paul's views to likely republican primary voters. We need to be infiltrating the Glenn Beck site, the Bill O'Reilly site, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Dennis Miller, Sean Hannity and all these others that we may not like but we need to be reaching their audiences. They also have facebooks that we can post videos and messages on. I am NOT saying that we should be annoying or argumentative. We just need to make the best points, the one's that they have a hard time arguing with and explain why Ron is the best in those areas..

We should ALL be talking to friends and family. I sent a rather lengthy email describing Ron Paul's views and why they are right for the country. Everyone can do this, if you want a sample one, I can post mine but it should be something personal... people hate chain emails.

The message needs to reach those that aren't as likely to find us, WE NEED TO FIND THEM!

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