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FOX news has a different flavor every week

The Herman Cain push on FOX has been in the making since the end of the debate. Its just the latest quest for a establishment hero that they can push. First it was Bachmann. Then Perry looked better to the media so they made him into a political deity overnight and destroyed Bachmann's support. When Perry started to blow it with his gaffs, they started hounding Christie and Palin to join the race, since Daniels said no. Since Christie said no and Palin is unreliable, they made the plan promote Cain. From the mouths of the moderators themselves, they all but trashed Perry as a loser and Cain as amazing. You can also see how the majority of FOX analysts change their favorite by the week. A couple weeks ago, Greg Gutfeld was talking of Paul's greatness. This week he is all for Cain. Except for Eric Bolling, most of FOX now hates Perry. The only mention of Paul you will find is from Dobbs, Nap and Stos. And thats on Fox business, where the everyday Joe won't be watching. Just goes to show how all of this Cain being a top tier or Perry is a calculated crock.

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