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The Ron Paul Mandate

After the last midterm elections, the media would not shut up about how the big GOP win was a "mandate" to implement their policies. Now, we all know the good doctor doesn't like mandates, but there's one mandate we can get behind, and I think he'd be with us on it. The Ron Paul Mandate of 2012!

We MUST get this man in the White House, for ourselves, for our country and for the safety and wellbeing of so many other countries around the world which are impacted daily by our "leaders'" disastrous policies. Ron Paul's foreign policy is the keystone of this campaign, as none of the other candidates are willing to take on the stance that he has held for all these years. Of course the immediate adoption of noninterventionism would not solve all of our problems overnight, though it would be a HUGE step forward.

When we stop spending all this money overseas fighting endless wars and giving financial aid to our "friends" as well as our "enemies," we can start helping ourselves instead of waiting and hoping for some miracle to occur. We need to get this message out. Whether Iran gets a bomb or not is irrelevant if they don't have a reason to be pissed off at us. The Neocon mindset of "they hate us for our freedoms" can and must be overcome if we are to win this and embark on the path to true freedom.

Inform, educate, enlighten... whatever you want to call it, DO it. And above all, be courteous! Kill 'em with kindness. Win their hearts, and you will win their minds.