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Iran nuke issue

I have a friend who lines up with me on so many political points. He's a great friend, but he's caught up on Ron Paul's stance on Iran and won't support the good Doctor because of it.

He agrees with RP's foreign policy that we shouldn't be in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., but he doesn't agree that we should let Iraq develop nuclear power because of their crazy dictator. I could argue the points of not policing the world, that we should mind our own business, etc., but instead, I'd like to have articles or video of Ron Paul explaining the Iran situation. Would you happen to have any videos or articles? I could at least lend him one of RP's books that talk about foreign policy, which, I'm sure, include Iran.

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yea...and if Iran

gets a nuke they will immediately nuke Israel...who has 300 nukes...an act of suicide. C'mon!

There are currently about 6000 to 7000 jews living in Iran and a few thousand christians as well.

If Amadinniwinnininnijad is willing to commit suicide by nuking Israel, then why isn't he going after the jews and christians that live in Iran today?

*Many of those jews are doctors, lawyers, business owners, and mostly educated and upper middle class. They have a right to leave Iran anytime they want and the Iranians would probably pay for their relocation...but they choose not to because they say that Iran is their home and they do not fear being killed or jailed by the Iranian government.

Additionally, If Iran would really use a nuke, that would mean extreme instability for the whole planet...there would be no winners once the nukes started flying. So why isn't Russia, China, Australia, Canada..and many others willing to do whatever it takes to stop Iran from getting a nuke?

Answer: because it is all a hoax...a fear campaign to protect Israel's interest.

Crazy dictator?

How many miles across the ocean has Iran traveled to invade another country lately?

The US didn't prevent Pakistan or Israel...

from acquiring nuclear weapons. Both countries have around 100 nukes and either country could be co-opted by hostile forces. Israel nearly was, during the Yom Kippur War and the United States went on "nuclear alert". Pakistan's weapons COULD be co-opted any day, as a response to our drone attacks on the country. BOTH Israel and Pakistan have launch systems capable of hitting Europe. Are we supposed to pretend Israeli and Pakistani nukes are not a threat, while a Iranian nuke with NO effective nuclear delivery system would be?
Your best bet is to copy every video you can find of Michael Scheuer talking about the Middle East, particularly Israel and Iran. Michael has credibility and pulls no punches.