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Foreign Policy Debate

I have been following Paul for awhile now and one of the most common things I hear people disagreeing with is his foreign policy. My father is pretty much on the fence with Ron as a few of my friends (Neo-cons!. They just think any republican will be better than Obama. Almost all of these people agree with Paul 90 percent of the issues. How can we Paul supporters convince these types of people that we don't need to have bases around the world to be safe? On top of that, the only way we are going to fix this spending problem is to cut war. Other candidates say they are going to fix the entitlements and such, rebuild America but where are they going to get the money? I have a lot of ammo to debate with on this but I wanted to know what you think? This is a big issue. I think peace and prosperity would be great. A fresh start. It's either Ron or we keep on sinking.

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