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revolutionCircle - Making use of Google Plus

I didn't get any responses to the original post, and I can only assume that is because Google + just went public last week, and none of you have yet signed on. I think you should. Here is why:

I think we may find Google+ a useful tool for the revolution. if you don't have a google account you should get one. it only takes a minute or two and you will be able to go to your google+ tab, create a "revolution circle", and start adding people, like the daily paul, and the ron paul campaign, who are already using Google+. Add every Ron Paul supporter you know to your circle and then share that circle with us.

You can add me by searching for "revolutioncircle" when you are signed in. Once a week I'll post sharing the circle, which all can add to by sharing their circle with me.

New circles will form based on location, or volunteer interests. For example there may be a sign bomb circle that you may want to be apart of, or a phone banking circle that you aren't interested in... you decide what you want to see posts about, and you join circles accordingly.

The cool thing is that when you share, you get to decide which circles you share with. It's a great way to work at both the local and national level with one tool that allows you to share using Picassa for photos and YouTube for video, and Google Docs for document and presentation collaboration.

Enter the search term: "revolutioncircle" in the Google+ search field in order to easily find me.

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