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My Ron Paul 6-month Challenge (for waking people up)!

One person can do a WHOLE LOT for the cause of liberty. It may seem overwhelming at times, or even daunting, to try and convince enough people to help get Paul elected. But in reality, you only need to be concerned with what YOU can do. And let me tell you, ONE PERSON can plant THOUSANDS of seeds in people's minds, which may seem subtle and insignificant at first, but have the massive potential to sprout into complete support for Paul and the liberty movement.

And so I am dedicating myself to spreading the message of Ron Paul in order to get him elected as the Republican candidate before the primaries in March of 2012.

In the following 6 months (October 2011 - March 2012), I am going to put time aside as often as I can to spread the message of liberty to people.

- Talk to 5000 (or more) people by March 2012, and engage them as long as possible in opening their eyes.

- I will print 5000 flyers (for just over $100, shipping included, I found a reliable site that prints any custom-desinged flyers you want [ www.copyworldinc.com ] ). Once I get all 5000 passed out (not just passing them out, but TALKING and conversing with people as much as I can, as well), then I will have officially reached the 5000 mark (and of course will continue my efforts thereafter).

- I will get email addresses/other contact info from as many people I talk with as possible, so I can send them youtube videos (for persuasion), local meetup group links (so they can join the movement), and information on how to register as Republican, and also become delegates (which is so crucial).

Now's the time to take action. Not tomorrow, not a month before the primaries. NOW. If we all dedicated and focused our efforts in our own ways, and set huge goals, the impact we could make collectively (sorry to use that word) would be massive.

Wish me luck, it's going to be a wild ride. It begins October 1, 2011

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Register as Republican Early and Look Into Becoming a Delegate

Need to get the word out that everyone must be registered Republicans in their states to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries (he must win the Republican nomination or it is over for Ron Paul!!!), and some states require you to be registered well in advance of the primaries!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, please look in to becoming a delegate for Ron Paul in your locality. I don't fully understand it yet, but from what I have heard it can make a huge difference.

what state

What state are you in?

I'm in Florida...

which I here is a big deal in primaries, so I must begin mobilizing forces now.

I've been actively talking to people for months now, will be doing precint walking to registered Republican houses by next week, too.

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Just did the math...

6 months = 180~ days. 5000 people in 180 days means I'd have to approach about 27 people EVERY day to finish by the deadline. This is going to be tough, yet fun.

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Bumping for Liberty

I have been talking to people about Paul since May of 2007 when I first heard a video of him. I pray I have planted 1000's of seeds. I know of some I have talked to have become Paul advocates. We have time still and can do it "if we believe we can".

Thanks for the post.