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F**k IT! Go for broke!?! Should Ron call for MURDER charges on Obama!?!

Dr. Paul is a constitutionalist...and if we follow the constitution & the bill of rights...the killing of Al-Awlaki was MURDER. It doesn't matter that he was labeled a "terrorist"...He was an American citizen who was killed with no trial.

So, shouldn't all people involved in the order to carry out this killing be tried as murderers...or atleast accomplices to murder...including OBAMA???

And, if so, should Dr. Paul be the one to step out there & demand that this be done? After all, this is a huge slap in the face of liberty!

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The majority of Americans

see us as enthralled in the middle of an actual war with an almost WW2 mentality. And this, to them, is the equivalent of the killing of an American Goehring.

What they fail to see is that this thing we are participating isn't a real war at all. WE are certainly not at risk and "the other side" hasn't made a move against us since 2001. All they have been doing is protecing their own territory.

They seem to think that al Quaida is a major player and the killing we have done of some 600,000 is really to go after them. They seem to forget that WE are the aggressors and that there is nothing to "win".

The government keeps coming up with staged events like the supposed attempt to attack the Pentagon with a plane that this disgruntled physics student didn't have the money to buy himself (the FBI paid for it) and certain neve would have been able to get (fake) "c5" unless the FBI offered it.

The typical american citizen is so involved in fantasy against a fictitious enemy it is crazy.

It is BECAUSE military people over there realize that this is nothing but a false flag that Ron Paul gets more contributions for the military than ever other candidate put together. But the common man still thinks we are at war.

this is exactly why we need to go to sites and threads like this


I see pretty much all agreement here (trolls don't count) so we are preaching to the choir. This is a huge traffic forum (look at its Alexa) where the meat-heads are arguing exactly this (WWII, "enemy uniform" etc.) Your fine minds needed to help them. Pretty fun site, rough and tumble, but changing these guys' minds is where the rubber hits the road, the "middle." Many will listen, aren't sure what to think.

Open a pen name, think about toggling over from home DP now and then to argue with the undecideds!


A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

WHY did the US government NOT

WHY did the US government NOT declare Awlaki as a traitor? Why did they NOT charge him with TREASON?

All the US government had to do was charge Awlaki with treason, STRIP HIM OF HIS US Citizenship, and then proceed as followed.

But that did not happen. WHY?

Because in order to take away a US citizen's citizenship, the government would have to hold some kind of public trial. TREASON would be the official charge....

BUT, in a public trial of treason against an American citizen....Awlaki's family members could be subject to the media. "Is your nephew a terrorist?"

BUT, that never happened.

Logic does not follow.

Obama did this for one reason and one reason only.

The US government can now target American citizens and kill them without consequence.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Has the US government ever

Has the US government ever killed an American citizen without trial?

They just did.

It was politically unprecedented. Such a thing has never happened before....

But now there is a political, and judicial precedent of law created by the executive that has never existed in our history.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


... most of the comments on this page would sound like, "Ron Paul supporters are on the side of the terrorists" to 90% of the American People.

Without taking a position on whether taking out Al-Awlaki was right or wrong, how do those opposed to this action propose that the US should have taken him into custody for trial?

Would a trial in absentia have sufficed? That is, invite the accused for a trial:

Dear Mr. Al-Awlaki:
You are cordially invited to attend a trial to determine whether you are a terrorist bent on the destruction of America, and to answer for the alleged crimes listed below...

Followed by the aforementioned trial (whether the accused deigned to appear or not), followed by a death sentence have mollified the critics?

Ron Paul has suggested letter of Marque and Reprisal, to deal with terrorists. Would issuance of such documents suffice to satisfy "due process"?


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Letters of Marque and Reprisal do not apply to this case.

They are for non-US citizens who act contrary or independently to the policies of a specific foreign country.

As a US citizen, the legal method to execute Al-Awlaki would have been to; charge him, capture him, try him, convict him, exhaust his appeals, and finally execute him (assuming that there was enough evidence to do that).

This now antiquainted process was formally known as "trial-by-jury" in a system of justice which enforced separation of powers to prevent the possible re-emergence of the absolute tyranny of a king.

How does the US take any

How does the US take any wanted person into custody that has fled the country?

I guess it's just too hard to apprehend an individual and try them in a court of law for their 'alleged' crimes? We might as well just start executing any Americans that are 'alleged' of having an email correspondence with a criminal(this case the Fort Hood shooter).

This rule of law and constitution crap is just too restrictive. Things would just be soo much easier if we had a dictatorship and I was the dictator as our hero GWB said once.


Do you think DC would allow extradition?

Not to mention...

I doubt he supports state sponsored murder.

Bad idea!

To go out on a limb like that for this guy would totally destroy any chance Paul has at the nomination.

just to let you guys

just to let you guys know.
this guy posted the same thing on ron paul forums.
this is nothing but troll bait.

really? i'm a troll because i

really? i'm a troll because i post on both dailypaul & ronpaulforums????

do i have to pick just one to stick with? come on now...

i'd hope everyone here was using both boards!

Answer me this: What if the

Answer me this: What if the UN Troops assassinated this guy? What if British troops did it? Is it OK just because WE did?
I M P E A C H !!!!!

Even Benedict Arnold was allowed to face his accusers.

There exists PROPER and due process. Anything else is illegal.

Yes good point. And Jesus

Yes good point.

And Jesus Christ was tried in a kangaroo court with mob incitement.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Yes it was extra-judicial execution i.e. murder

he should draw up an indictment and call for the Sergeant-at-Arms to effect an arrest. This is Congress' chance to clip the wings of the Executive Branch once and for all. The 5th Amendment must be the line in the sand.

He is ammo for RP, what if they had done this to Brandon Mayfield?

Brandon Mayfield, the guy whose fingerprints the FBI said were a "100% verified" match to the Madrid train bombings. Then the FBI turned out to be lying, and knew it, and didn't care. The only reason Mayfield is not rotting incommunicado in a military prison is because the Spanish government went public screaming that they had the wrong guy.


"On May 6, 2004, Brandon Mayfield, an Oregon attorney, was arrested by the FBI in connection with the Madrid train bombings. A bag containing detonating devices, found by Spanish authorities, had fingerprints that were initially identified by the FBI as "100% verified" as Mayfield's. But in a subsequent lawsuit Judge Ann Aiken found that this information was largely "fabricated and concocted by the FBI and DOJ". Mayfield was cleared only when the Spanish authorities protested that the fingerprints were not a match... Further, the Spanish authorities informed the FBI they had other suspects in the case, Moroccan immigrants not linked to anyone in the USA. The FBI completely disregarded all of the information from the Spanish authorities."

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Well, it depends

If did as Ron Paul proposed and granted Letters of Marque to have Mercenaries go after Al Quaida would it be any different? And this guy was a part of Al Quaida. So what would be different?

My objection is more that we made another act of war on another sovereign country. I would prefer Ron Paul's approach to Al Quaida.

Guess I'm a bit unsure of an answer about the fact it was an American.

Yea right

We can't even bring charges against Bush and Cheney. This is still the run off of what they created. Charges? All those involved will probably get promotions.

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i just called RP2012 to pass

i just called RP2012 to pass along message to Dr. Paul. In the interviews I've watched, when they ask how this compares to BIN LADEN's (supposed) assassination, he FAILS TO POINT OUT the BIGGEST DISTINCTION - Bin Laden was NOT a US Citizen.

He's a little tired and gets caught up in the minutiae, but he HAS TO point that out.

Cos Cob, CT

The Patriot Act makes this legal!!!

Sad but true!!!

Daniel Fortune

I know not course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me Death! ~Patrick Henry

The Patriot act does not

cancel the Declaration nor the First original Constitution.
They are both still legal and binding. All that is needed is a Warrent.
The International court should step in, as America has a mission ststement that has to be complied with. Articles of Corporation. BY-LAWS.

Right, and this is why the

Right, and this is why the Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional. But it does allow a bureaucrat to designate a citizen as an enemy combatant that can then be killed (at least this is my understanding), so I think d4chin is correct. There is a video of RP talking about this very thing in regard to the Patriot Act. I'll see if I can find it.

The Constitution would have to be amended

to allow the stripping of the most basic rights which the entire Constitution was written to protect.
And the Patriot Act is not an amendment to the Constitution.
There is no statute which can over-ride the rights which are protected by the Constitution, without due process of law(Miranda vs Arizona).

They can say whatever they want to say, but this is unlawful as hell, and they are the criminals here, becuase they all violated their oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution, and violated it viciously.

I think I know what Ron would say.

In the US, murder is a crime under the jurisdiction of the states. In no way does the federal government have any business getting involved.

Outside the US, Americans killed should be avenged if possible by appealing to the pertinent nation's government, asking for extradition.

That's the way it always worked decades ago, and there's no reason I can see that we should depart from that constitutional stance.

EDIT: I think this may be a case when some RP-ers fall into the same trap the neocons do. They have a rationale for doing what they want to do, but fail to check and see if it's REALLY constitutional.

I think that Ron

Rand, Kuccinich, and Amash should all bring the charges.


Ron Paul should go after Obama on this and all the other Republicans who doesn´t agree with Paul agree with Obama = not good ^_^.

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Ron Paul should call for

Ron Paul should call for trials for those in the Bush administration, who by their own admission violated US and international law.

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There is a youtube video where Obama

talks about how his daughters Sasha and Malea are fans of the Jonas Brothers. Then he says "Boys don't get any ideas. I have just two words for you. Predator Drones. You think I am kidding, don't you?"

Big laugh from the audience.

But given the fact that Obama can carry our political assasinations now without reproach - perhaps the Jonas Brothers should be concerned.


It's an honor to be on this thread !

Ron Paul should call this murder and suggest bringing charges !

I'm no political strategist but he would be morally correct and lawfully correct and it would be a bombshell of media coverage while also diminishing Obama .Seems like a Homerun to me .

I've also been emailing some friends all morning on this and must say when Ron's statement came out and backed me up it felt great , that is leadership he always releases a statment realtime on all the issues of our day .

It's so amazing we have this north star of sanity in such a chaotic time in history .


With no trial, no proof of anything - this is a political

assasination of an American citizen.

Nothing more or less.