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The New Defense Era, Ron Paul, And Justice For Anwar al-Awlaki

While I don’t doubt that many are ecstatic to here that this administration has rid this world of yet another terrorist, we all should be concerned to wonder what has happened to the rule of law in our post 9/11 American society? It should capture our attention that Anwar al-Awlaki was an American born individual who supposedly had ties to Al Qaeda. Yes, I say supposedly, because this case was never brought before the people. It’s sad that a blogger with an attitude like me has to say this, but… America used to believe in only pronouncing punishment after a fair trial, and a conviction was gained. You know, all the and justice for all stuff? This would mean that a group of American citizens from various back-grounds and social stances would decide whether this man was worthy of death, or not. Of course this could only be decided after substantial evidence, or at least enough to convince the jury that this man was indeed worthy of conviction, let alone, death. But as they say… 9/11 changed all that, and welcome to The New Defense Era!

American nation, or Assass-A-Nation???