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Petition to the Republican National Committee (RNC)

Can anyone help put a petition on daily Paul to sign that will be sent to the RNC about supporting Ron Paul? Part of our problem is the Republican Party does not really support Ron Paul. When Mitt was failing they threw in Perry to save them and now that Perry is floundering, there is discussion of Christie (anyone but Paul). We know the RNC is part of the system. It does not matter if we get a Republican or Democrat president, it will still be more of the same. The RNC has a problem though, and that is us – Ron Paul supporters. I am not voting for anyone but Ron Paul and if he is not in the race I am not voting at all. I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils. I believe a lot of Ron Paul supporters feel the same way and that is a problem for RNC. If Ron Paul supporters do not support the republican nomination (if it is not Ron), then they may not win the election. I do not think this petition is going to solve the problems with the RNC, but when you get a large amount of signatures stating they are not voting for anyone but Ron Paul, it has got to make them think that without the “Tea Party” support they may not win with another candidate.

Draft Petition Statement (suggestions welcome) – The following is being delivered to the Republican National Committee (RNC) for their review and consideration. We the undersigned would like the RNC to recognize and support Ron Paul. We believe Ron Paul represents our views most accurately as Republicans. Ron Paul has the best record of any politician representing Republican viewpoints. Ron Paul has consistently supported limited government, sound money, a balanced budget, and a rational foreign policy. We believe because of Ron Paul’s sterling record and values that he is the best candidate for Presidency of the United States and we will not vote for another nominee.

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If I were going to petition the RNC,

I'd want a change of debate sponsors and formats. The debates haven't been debates at all. Choosing Fox and/or CNN is like choosing between Democrats and Republicans. You can't really tell much diffence. A level playing field is all we can ask, or demand.

alan laney

I doubt it would be effective, HOWEVER...

petitions to the state GOP who host debates demanding equal time for all candidates would be quite appropriate. Its an outrage that Jon Huntsman gets more "face time" in these debates than Ron Paul.

It is quite obvious that the

It is quite obvious that the GOP does not care if Obama wins or not. They gave us a loser in John McCain last time who conceded in, like, the first hour of voting, and who continues to support Obama's side. They have become traitors to this country. A petition would do nothing. However, I would sign it, and you are welcome to try it. The people at the top seem to be godless and hellbent on destroying the America of our Founders..

I agree with you – but we

I agree with you – but we have to be like Ron and keep chipping away. The RNC at least gave us a tea party favorite as vice president in 2008 – Sarah Palin (I am being sarcastic just in case).

The effective way to keep

The effective way to keep chipping away is to get registered R and make some friends at your monthly county GOP meeting.

The process of slowly changing hearts and minds of the people who show up to the GOP meetings is the way to influence the party.

I tried to be a delegate in

I tried to be a delegate in our local republican party in 2008 and it was hijacked. They were suppose to count the votes in front of us. We had packed the house with Ron Paul supporters and by all indications thought we won quite a few delegates. However, at last minute they decided to take the votes back to headquarters and count them in secret and only a few delegates for Ron Paul won. The next Republican "meeting" we showed up and protested and were TOLD not to support Ron because he could't win and we should vote for McCain, otherwise Obama would get elected. I believe the local and natioanl GOP is corrupt but realize is about money, support and elections and without RON PAUL supporters, I do not think another candidate will win. I think they need to know that.