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question everyone should ask about "their" presidential candidate

Does your presidential candidate have a back bone like a saw log with a steel rod inserted in it?

I ask because

When a bill like the bail out bills comes before the president and the media, his party, and his vp and the polls and the interest groups and the corporations are screaming for him to sign the bill will your presidential candidate veto the bill on principle, knowing that in doing so he will be alienated from his party and demonized by the media, even though the right thing to do is to say no? will your candidate risk being unpopular and loosing the next election to veto a bad bill? Will your candidate say no? if you answered yes can you give an example of when your candidate stood on principle knowing that he would be demonized by the media, and still stands by that decision? I am simply asking this because the greatest power a president has is to tell congress and everybody else NO on a bill. But in doing so he will lose his popularity, he will be alienated from his party, the media will make him out to be the devil and anyone who would have benefited from such a bill will do everything in their power to make him lose his status so that they can get someone there that will benefit them.

the question is how many bills has perry, romney, and johnson vetoes as governors? How often did it cost them something to make that veto?

the question is how many times has paul and bachman voted no despite what the rest of the party thought was a good compromise?

the question is can hermain cain deal with that pressure and veto a bad thing knowing that he will be demonized by the news from then on?

Just a simple question from your friendly neighborhood

Please improve and pass on to all primary presidential primary voters.

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