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Contributions (legal) from H1b/greenCard or supporters from foreign countries

US citizens, H1b/greenCard holder, supporters from foreign countries lend us your suggestions!

Dear Forum-member,
I am on H1-b work visa, so I am not allowed to donate either to official ronpaul2012.com or revolutionpac.com.
There are many supporters from Foreign countries, who would like to support Dr Ron Paul, as well.

Please give us suggestions regarding what activities/contributions we can LEGALLY do to support the cause of liberty and freedom.
Thanks in advance!

1) I don't know what % of $10.91 from buying "Liberty Defined" from Amazon goes to Dr Ron Paul, but I can imagine it's minuscule. Would like to do more (legally), just like so many ardent supporters who happen to be on H1b workVisa/green-card or from other countries.

2) I hope supporting DailyPaul by becoming monthly subscriber is allowed legally? Would like to become member if forum community thinks it's legit thing to do?

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amazing !

seems the outsiders understand the gravity of the situation more than the majority of Americans !
thank you DoE and MSM !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

It appears Ron has alot of

It appears Ron has alot of support outside the US. No wonder, since he does not want to bomb every country.
I don't think there are any rules prohibiting individuals/groups purchase advertising such as billboards, etc. If Perry can sell off Texas infrastructure for a profit ----

Could a SuperPac be developed for non US citizins to contribute to an organization with a name such as "liberty union" that can run ads? I know Ron would get alot of support around the world!

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Anyone knowledgeable?

Please weigh in.


Found this:

Would like to get suggestions from forumMembers and keep them here and contribute as much as I can.
For other folks who are in same situation as me, this could be a one forum-post to get relevant links at one-place.

Go Ron Go!

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That's worth another bump


Let the MATCH begin

Matching contribution to Official campaign (by citizens)

How about we posting the information about the donations (legit contributions) to the sites 'recommended by forumMembers and then US citizens "matching" the amounts H1b-GC-Foreign Nationals raise?
It would be healthy MATCH! :)

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of HapPyness!

PLEASE guys..I am dying here. Just like the army of supporters I want to contribute (but can't). It's unfair.

Go Ron Go!

That is a great link to

That is a great link to messages. The thing is, Clinton and Obama BOTH raised money in England and violated these laws numerous times and nothing ever happened. Guess it just depends on who you are.

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Go Ron Go!