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Bill O'Reilly Disregards Ron Paul Poll Win 09/30/11


I apologize for the poor quality, I recorded this on my phone. Bill O'Rielly dismisses Ron Paul winning a presidential poll he hosted on his site due to "flooding" by Ron Paul (and Herman Cain) supporters.

EDIT: Attempted to embed video

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This is hilarious.

I used to get angry listening to Bill O'Reilly, now I just LAUGH. He is a clown.

"Ron Paul's people flooded the polls, and the polls are skewed. But 100,000 people voted!"

Guess what, Bill, there are A LOT of Ron Paul supporters. And we are going to flood the voting booths, too.

What an arrogant ass, O'Really?

Bad news to report? LOL So if during the primaries if we flood the voter booths will O'Really? throw out our votes there too? So much for fair and balanced.

yup, i saw it too....

i rarely ever watch oreily, he's rude, interrupts, talks over his guests, and very opininated. what a jerk! i dont blame ron paul at all for not going on his show.
as far as eliminating ron and herman, how does mr know it all know that supporters "flooded the polls" by voting over and over? could just have been THOUSANDS of us voting once..... i believe that ron paul has more excited, dedicated fans, much more then the other candidates have.

oreily, youre not a journalist, youre a hack. get a life and a real job....


ron in 12!


This is just LOL all over the place. I like how they had to take Cain out too.


wow...this is just...insanity. IT'S A DAMN POLL!! Of course people are going to flood it....flood it with their VOTES! This is PURE 1984, "2+2=5". Reality is simply disregaded and discredited, and with the utmost arrogance and nonchalance...

A suppporter is a supporter, doesn't matter whether they flood or not. The truth is that Paul supporters are more dedicated, so we're more active NOW. But once the political season hype is brewed up in a few months, all the lazy, band-wagoning voters who support whoever the media tells them to will ALSO start appearing in droves in these polls. Only difference is: O'Reilly won't care then because those herding voters will be supporting EXACTLY who Bill tells them to (fucking turd bag).

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My goodness...they certainly

My goodness...they certainly are scraping the bottom of the barrel keeping this guy on as a journalist cum "hit man". His integrity or lack of it, I should say, knows no bounds. He has declared war on Ron Paul, especially after RP's interview snub going on Oreilly's show. He really is just a ranting child with his Journalistic club.

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Let's confuse him in his next poll just one time

everybody super slam vote Huntsman for a win instead of Ron, until he has like 800,000 votes, and see if O figures it out.

So big deal, worst case scenario is he says the results, and has no clue the joke was on him.

I'm Pretty Sure O'Reilly's "Entertainment Pole"

was not touched by Ron Paul, or his supporters. I suspect that it is difficult for O'Reilly to keep his pole up long enough to get satisfying results. I'm also sure he'll keep trying, and trying, and trying, but failing to do so.

Can't believe my ears! Rush Limbaugh statement on Ron Paul...

I just heard him say that when you READ something Ron Paul has written it MAKES SENSE.

As opposed to only HEARING him say the same thing because it sounds kooky to some people.

This is the first time I've ever heard Limbaugh say a positive thing about Dr. Paul.

I listen in from time to time to stay informed about what the corrupt media is up to.

After the last debates, Limbaugh had the nerve to say that every candidate except Paul and Huntsman would make a better president than Obama.

I was so pissed off I was seeing red. I tried to call his show to take him to task for that statement but I couldn't get thru.

But this latest statement floored me even more.

At least it was a small move in the right direction.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


He claims 'the Ron Paul people' told their supporters to flood the poll, implying Ron Paul's official campaign staff. That cannot be possible, Ron would never allow that.

BO = you just don't get it. SSDD, Ron Paul wins a poll, ignore the result.

The fact is Ron Pauls campaign staff

Ron would never allow that is true, but don't get me wrong. The fact is Ron Paul's official campaign staff isn't organized well enough even if they wanted to.

LOL, Ron Paul doesn't need to say it!

It would be like saying Ron Paul told the sun to come up, that's why it happened. That some was coming up regardless, and "Ron Paul People" are going to vote in polls regardless of instructions from RP.

Plus, what candidated doesn't advocate that there supporters vote in polls??? Problem is, other candidates don't have enough supporters to make a dent.

I have always disregarded

This box of rocks,and have never seen his show,and never will.

I've been wondering when..

BO would post the results on his polling page. Every other poll he posts shows results the day after and continues to be active for days or weeks! BO is just plain censoring the truth. Coward.

I will never give oreilly

I will never give oreilly another click of ratings.

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Here's what I posted on

Here's what I posted on another thread....I heard it directly from the horses mouth....I accidentally had his show on.....while working at the computer....

Did you hear what FIX NEWS o'really did with his poll....he disqualified the Ron Paul supporters and the Herman Cain supporters because he said they flooded his poll and skewed it so he named MITTENS the winner.....what a crock.....and there was 100,000 votes he said.....is this guy STUPID or what....he has NOTHING over Forrest Gump!!!!

That wasn't the horse's mouth you heard it from.

O'Reilly is the other end of the horse.

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LOL :) TRUE :)

LOL :) TRUE :)

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What a fucking asshole. [Sorry about lingo, there is no other way to say it]

Cos Cob, CT

What a crock!

So we take Ron Paul (the winner) out and then Romney and Perry win. What a bunch of male bovine fecal matter! (BS)

Formerly rprevolutionist

Man..talk about admitting to

Man..talk about admitting to propaganda..Ron Paul and Cain the Pain TOLD ALL THEIR PEOPLE to vote in stupid O'Rielly's poll? LOL
WHADDAN idiot. Unreal.