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Alert! Blue Democrats, Independents, Democrats in NEW YORK

If you are a New York Resident and would like to vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary, you MUST MAIL your voter registration form to SWITCH to the Republican Party by OCTOBER 14TH!!! if your envelope is postmarked October 15, you will NOT be able to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary. ACT NOW don't wait and get those family members and friends to do the same.

New York
To find out what your voter status is go HERE:

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This Friday is the deadline!

This Friday is the deadline!



Could you edit your title

to say Blue Republicans, please? Thanks for spreading this info!

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Thanks, I hope you are posting on

Democrat/Progressive sites with some mention of Paul's civil libertarian/peace policies.


for registered voters in New York to register Republican.

It is also the last week for registered Democrats in New Hampshire to register Republican or Undeclared.

New Yorkers

PLEASE double check your voter registration status to make sure you are registered Republican.

Also, tell all your friends to double check and if they are not Republican, get them registered by Friday, October 14.

LOL, one of my Facebook friends must have posted this

I posted this on my Facebook page a couple of days ago, and people started sharing it. For some reason I never thought to post it on the DailyPaul. I'm glad somebody did though. Good job spreading the word! My little brother just turned 18 in September, I gotta get him registered. =)

There are TWO deadlines on October 14, 2011:

Registered Democrats MUST register Undeclared or Republican by 10/14 to be eligible to vote in NH's Republican primary. Undeclared voters can vote in the Republican primary.

Registered voters (Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, etc.) MUST register Republican by 10/14 to be eligible to vote in NY's Republican primary.

New York voters can check their registration status here: https://voterlookup.elections.state.ny.us/votersearch.aspx

The deadline for NH should get its own post!!

most ppl won't see it here (since this post is about New York)

Thankyou for persisting Tsai

Great Tsai290

Also- Here is another link to find out in New York and also to download the form

Does anyone have links for New Hampshire?

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul

New Hampshire doesn't have any links online

You can check your voter registration by calling your local city or town clerk and you can register at your local city or town clerk.

LOL.....the flavor of the

LOL.....the flavor of the week is Chris Christie...they are still trying to see if people will vote for him....NOT.......especially if the Bush Cabal is backing him......Just received this from a friend….please take the poll….

marklevinshow Mark R. Levin
Vote now in today’s poll question: It appears that the Bush family is backing Chris Christie behind the scenes…. http://fb.me/1mEpsexUB

This post seems to be...

lost, I'm afraid. It belongs to another thread....


Thank you for posting this! I just printed it, filled it out for my little brother, and had him sign it. Gotta get him registered in time. And yes, he's a Ron Paul supporter! =)

Voting Information

This website says something different, maybe it changed; but you should have included a link to the article which gave you the information. Here is my link


Maybe this is old.

Those are deadlines to

register to vote. There are separate deadlines to change parties.

For New York:
The deadline to change parties is October 14, 2011.
The deadline to register to vote is March 30, 2012.

Dumb question?

March 30, 2012 DEADLINE is for people registering for the FIRST TIME. Yes? No?


If you are registering for the FIRST time in New York, you have until March 30, 2012.

If you are already registered to vote, you MUST register Republican by October 14, 2011 to be eligible to vote in the April 24, 2012 Presidential Primary.

Oh. Didn't know there was a

Oh. Didn't know there was a difference. That's dumb.

Military and overseas voters

Go here for info on what to do.


Get your fellow Military members to this site too.

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul

Be Aware!

I sent in my registration form in over a month ago. I had ticked the Republican Party box. Lo and behold, my party status states that I am not affiliated with any party when I checked online! What can I do to make sure they change it? I will send in another form with a letter attached explaining this issue and hope for some confirmation.

Hello, my name is Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

Are you in NY??

If you are from New York, go to this link


I called for my mother and they checked her status on their computer. They confirmed, receive her forms.


You could do it again if you are concerned and hand deliver
it to the Board of Elections.

But they probably won't update your party enrollment until
After the November General Election. They wait because they
have huge voter lists and do it all at once.

So you are probably fine. But if you want to be certain, then go to the Board of Elections and ask them for written
confirmation that your enrollment will be changed for the April 2012 Republican Primary.

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul

Call your County Board of Elections

first thing on Monday.

You can find contact information here:

If anything, go to the Board of Elections or DMV and re-register as a Republican this week.

New Hampshire has same deadline.

Democrats must register Republican by October 14 in New Hampshire in order to participate in the Republican Primary.

Anywhere else have Republican

Anywhere else have Republican registration deadlines


Open primary states are fine, like Montana. Best to go online and find out.

Check here


New Hampshire and New York are the only ones with October deadlines. The next earliest are in December.