Ron Paul: A New Song from Daryl Fleming

Editor's note: Daryl sent me this song, with the following statement & lyrics below:

"It is apparent to me that the Left has had a virtual monopoly on politically-themed music. I would like to help change this situation"

Listen to the song here:

Vist Daryl's myspace page:


Ron Paul

I'll say the name     the name Ron Paul
You say the man is unelectable
You¹re cynical     and so am I
All politicians go to hell when they die don¹t they?

We disregard     the document
That defines our form of government
Tumors big     and tumors small
Doctor Paul irradiate them all

Uncle Sam     Leviathan
Got drunk and got into a fight again
Can we curb these tyrants bold?
But for comfort we would all be cold

- - - -

Thanks again for listening
Go Ron Paul!

Daryl Fleming

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2008Horserace Problems

The owners of have removed Dr Paul from their eligible candidates.

Apparently, this is due to an attempt on their part to link Dr. Paul to anti-semitic statements made on the site.

This is inexcusable. A response must be tendered in this matter, before such a vicious rumour should get out of hand.


Unfair sites

If someone doesnt like Dr Paul, well fine. But insulting and lying are not tolerable. Someone is sponsoring this site by buying advertising on it. Its time to make of list of those that support this and avoid spending any of our money in their businesses. Dont support evil! For example and have adds on the site. Maybe someone should POLITELY inform them what they are supporting. What do you think about this?

Beware .... They modify your comments

If you post a comment on horserace 2008 and they dont like what you say, they will edit your post to say other than what you said... Just happened to me. Would explain a lot eh? Unbelievable.

They labeled Ron Paul as SPAM . . .

Tell me about it . . . I googled "online polls" and found my way to and I thought I would vote for Ron Paul. I noticed that they had Ron's numbers way low (he only had 10 votes at the time). I voted for Ron Paul and then I noticed that when I hovered my mouse over the Ron Paul photo that the word "SPAMMER" would appear in big red letters over Ron's face. These guys are definitely anti-Ron Paul.

Lisa is a lost cause.

2008 has been censoring Paul comments and deleting votes since I first discovered the site in March. There is absolutely no point in wasting time on that site... as far as I can tell, it's run by one guy with a serious chip on his shoulder. He hates Ron Paul with a passion. Going after his advertisers is probably more effective. Don't give this guy any more traffic, lest we inadvertently help him make money.

Sam Marsh