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They fight for us, we must fight for them.

This is why I am involved, this message makes me proud to be a part of this movement. Here is the message of TRUE compassion, Truth and Integrity. Peace and Friendsip. I can't think of any other message that can bring the most Americans together than the one in this simple, thoughtful video.

They fight for us. Do not forget to fight for them.


QUESTION: We can all agree that the message represents us all. What part of our movement influences you the most?

Is it the wars? Monetary policy? The rule of law? What say you?

For me it is ending wars, sanctions and all forms of agressive violence, the mental and physical damage it cases to all of us, and restoring truh and sanity to our military and justice for the lies that led us this direction.

A real tear jerker :).
Thanks Gabedagreat73 on YT...

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Very powerful video.

Very powerful video.

hope for the best

We also fight for the military.

Bring them home, after many long years.

It's good to cry.... I'm

It's good to cry....

I'm crying now. Watching those little kids run into the fathers arms....it's just too much to take emotionally.



Never be afraid to ask simple questions.