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Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out

Looks like Bachmann might be running out of money:


Is it time to reach out to her supporters? We can easily win Iowa if we can get a majority of her supporters, granted she drops out before voting begins. We were also talking about how if a candidate drops out, any delegates they win can change their vote at the convention, should we start asking her supporters to back Paul as their second choice if she drops out before the convention?

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I think there definitely are

I think there definitely are some areas where we can reach out to Bachmann supporters. We could point out that Ron Paul, like Bachmann, opposed TARP, unlike Perry, Romney, and Cain, and he was against the Gardasil vaccinations. Ron also obviously has a great record on taxing and spending issues in general.

I predict she will drop out...

just in time for Chris Cristie to waddle onto the stage. That should give the media another month's worth of stories since they are now down to talking about racist statements at some idiots hunting lodge.

You can contact the Bachmann campaign


Be polite, and kindly ask that if she were to drop out, that she throw her weight behind Ron.


"Endorsement Consideration

Dear Michelle,

I am a supporter of Ron Paul. As I wish your campaign all the luck raising funds to continue to the Primaries, if the unfortunate should happen and you are forced to end your candidacy, I would like to ask you to please consider endorsing Rep. Ron Paul for the Republican Nomination. Dr. Paul has been a champion of the Constitution for 30 years in Congress, opposed TARP, opposed mandatory vaccines in Texas (where he can beat Gov. Perry) and has polled strong against President Obama.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

- Jack Wagner"

Jack Wagner


She cannot raise money and will be out shortly. She said in the debate, that Republicans should not settle and elect a true Constitutional Conservative. Well, its time for her to put her money where her mouth is, and support RP's Candidacy

Delegates for other candidates

We must also become delegates for other candidates - when they drop out, then the delegates are free to vote for whomever they want at the convention.

For example - in one district here we expect to win 1 out of 3 places. If all 3 of us register under Ron Paul we would have wasted our money and time. However, if we register in place 1 for the other candidates we expect to win delegates, can win 3 out of 3 places. If those candidates drop out like we expect them to, we can have 3 delegates from the district for Ron Paul.

Even if they don't drop and are bound to vote for the other candidate, we still have 3 RP supporters voting on the platform.

I expect WarBachman

will try and cut a deal with Perry or Romney...she will deliver her supporters...all three of them, in exchange for a cabinet position. BachMan is NOT our friend...but I guess it never hurts to try.

Bachmann not, but her supporters maybe...

I'm thinking that a lot of her supporters may be more willing to support Paul than Perry/Romney.

Bachmann's campaign as of late has been anti-Perry though, so maybe we can make a case that Paul is the one that can beat Perry...

Just throwing out ideas.

We probably should just remain on course and keep building our strong supporters so others will passively come over...

Jack Wagner