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Why did the US overthrow Iran's democratically elected government in the 50's?

Im trying to explain to someone that we overthrew the iranians elected govt in the 50's but i need to know more of why like the history behind it. And who started all this

thanks guys!

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BOTH those explanations below nailed it. Completely correct.

BP Oil at the time was called something else like Anglo Oil (not sure exactly).

They were taking 7/8 of the oil profits.

Iran was asking for just 50% of their own oil profits.

But the greedy BP wouldn't budge. And they got the CIA and the British intelligence agency to overthrow the ELECTED Iranian leader Muhammad Mossedech and installed the hated Shah of Iran.

We all know how the Shah treated his people which caused the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 and further hatred and terrorism toward us.

So when dumbass Rick Santorum tries to call Ron Paul a nut for claiming they don't attack us for our foreign policies it shows his total ignorance.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Iran's government was going

Iran's government was going to nationalize the oil industry, so the MI6 (Britain's foreign intelligence agency) and the CIA overthrew the government to protect BP's interests.



True, but don't forget what lead to that incident.

You see, a certain oil company which was OWNED by the British government at the time, convinced the elected government of Iran to let it drill there and they would share technology and profits.

But, the British oil company went back on the deal and refused to honor its agreement.

So, the PM of Iran announced he was seizing the oil fields back for Iran since the British had violated their agreement and were essentially stealing Iran's oil. (U.S. companies were involved as well)

So the U.S. and Britain in response, overthrew the Prime Minister and re-installed the ousted monarch. (who was a brutal SOB and murdered many Iranians afterward)

The U.S. claimed it was to "halt" Marxism in Iran ala the "nationalization" of the oil fields, but they forgot to mention that the company stealing Iran's oil and who had gone back on the deal with Iran, was itself a government owned company of the UK. Had the U.S. and British companies merely upheld their agreement and shared profits and technology with Iran, that entire incident would have never happened. Nor would the Iranian revolution of 1979 ever happened, and thus no hostage crisis, no Muslim clerics running the country today, etc.

If we just mind our own damned business and trade with EVERYONE and not try to rob or steal, we don't have most of the problems we have today.

this answer just made

this answer just made Santorum's brain have a meltdown.