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Paul's "JFK" Speech. Exposing The Threat.

Who are the enemies of freedom (some DP bloggers inquired)? Ron Paul has a pretty good idea.


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Ron's Epic Speech, Better than JFK's.

MPU, thanks for posting, this epic speech by Ron is better than JFK's speech about the "secret societies", the vague ghosts. JFK appealed to the press, Ron has addressed the people.

In this video Ron Paul has exposed those who have hijacked the govt of U$A, those who have given themselves the name of neo-conservatives, we call them neo-cons.
Ron has mentioned all the names, (the video shows their faces),
the names of the members of this sinister and aggressive group, who want empire and perpetual war. He mentions their institutes, teachers, policies, plans, etc. That they have ties to the Likud in Zion, the mischief makers.

Must Watch, click & hear.

This came from a segment of his famous Neo-Conned Speech

He gave the speech to Congress on 7/10/03
You can view it all here:

No offense,

but I agree with the other comments here about the use of the Star of David. Here is a different video which uses the same audio. This one only shows an Israeli symbol (the flag) during the moment Ron Paul talks about Israel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njaqLfcJ9Ls

Great video highlighting Dr. Paul's speech but...

the Star of Davids gives the video racial undertones that I'm sure Dr. Paul would not appreciate. This isn't about race or nationality it's about ideas and you discredit those ideas by tying this Judaism. It's unwise to do this if you support Ron Paul and dangerous for millions of people when you tie these things together. Neo-con doesn't equal Jew!

That star of David shouldn't be there.

Don't go associating Judaism in general with the Zionism you oppose. And, frankly, there's plenty to complain about without even mentioning Zionism, which too many people consider an anti-Semitic term.

My advice is to back off a bit.

The "star of David" is a

The "star of David" is a zionist symbol. It is an occult symbol.

While you may be right...

There are literally billions of people on this planet that don't know that and would never believe that. Right or wrong perception is more often important than facts. So you can be right all day long but it doesn't help the cause of liberty.

Geeze. This is "heavy". He

Geeze. This is "heavy". He names names. Wow. Think I saw it before and it still messes with my mind..

RP Naming Names.

Crickett, so are so right, this is what i realized when i saw the video / heard RP's talk. before posting a comment i read your post, so i came down here to type a reply. great, +1.

I had not seen this before, it dated 19th May, do not remember hearing it, who-ever made it into a video has done a great job, we get to understand the message better,= with names & policies are the photos and images.