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"I'm voting for Ron Paul this time around."

What ran across your mind when you read this headline?

Did you think that maybe a new supporter had come on board? (sorry to disappoint you, but I wanted to make a point.....8)

What would you think if you read this simple statement in a comment section of an article in one of the primary states?

Would you think that a new supporter had come on board? What about EVERYONE else reading that comment section? What would they think?

The reason I bring this up, is to contrast it with
simply writing "Ron Paul 2012"

Both statements are fairly quick and easy to write, but one shows current support, where the other looks like someone who has had an awakening. This is not as easily dismissed IMO.

How do you "build consensus" on the internet? What does it takes to get the herd moving?
It takes a few (for lack of a better word) "cattle" to start moving in a particular direction.
Why not consider coming across like you are "awakening" to Ron Paul the first time, rather than possibly being militant
(like me...8).
It's not easy to exercise patience with some of these folks. There is a sense of urgency that makes it even more challenging.
Ron Paul is tired, but keeps pressing on. The man is an absolute inspiration. We're in the heat of this battle. No time to get discouraged. We've got to step it up a notch, work smarter AND harder.

The media works hard to manage perceptions. We need to work equally as hard to destroy those perceptions. We may not have time to "battle" someone in the arena of ideas, but can at least make the effort to do a drive by on some articles if you have the time..Everyone reading this should have a spare email address so they can sign up to comment on these "articles" coming out. If you have more time than money to donate, then that is just as good.

We have unfinished business and MUST do well in Iowa, NH, and SC. Commenting on articles in these states, can help defeat the perception that the MSM is trying to create. We have to be as clever as the media to beat them, because they are really turning up the heat.

One easy suggestion, is to simply write
"I am voting for Ron Paul this time around"

Someone could reply and say "yeah, me too" (or whatever)
(it doesn't have to be word for word)

Rather than come across as some sort "hard core" Ron Paul supporter/s, why not come across as someone who has awakened, and made the decision to vote for Ron Paul. It makes it easier for the rest of the herd, to start moving in that direction.

If I have the time, I like to write things like

"I have looked into this Ron Paul guy, and I found out he has more support from the military, than all of the other candidates combined, and even more than Obamma." (sp)

Or "I wanted change, but got more of the same. I am voting for Ron Paul this time around."

None of these statements are untrue. But one makes the herd think, where the other makes the herd possibly ignore and tune out.

"Selling is basically COMMUNICATING." It's about truly listening and figuring out exactly what the other person wants, and doing your best to get it for them. Or help them "get it," in this case..Every situation is different, but essentially the same. (if that makes any sense)

Some here may not have backgrounds in sales, so I thought sharing this information might be helpful. It is about "building Consensus in a team." Some of this information may help empower you, and give us ways to be more effective. I think there are some important communication lessons to be learned from it.
Building Consensus

What are your strategies?

What is your "elevator pitch?"
Do you know what one is?

Let's start stacking up the positives, and keep pressing on with our guerrilla media operation. Continue to refine and sharpen our message. Continue to try and steer the herd.
I see this campaign as a combination of military strategy (focused on primary state objectives), and Multi Level Marketing strategy (building your networks). Even if there are just two people on your team you're doing better than by yourself.

The question is where is time and energy best focused?

Sorry for the long post, but I feel this is subject is important..

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