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Occupy Wall Street protests spread across U.S (includes video)

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This is what democracy looks like!

Democracy may finally be coming to the USA, but it's too early to tell. Democracy is all about the people, it's about all of the people. It's not about a sheep and 5 lions deciding what's for supper.

The elected representatives have robbed the treasury and proceeded to beat the sheep. It is time for the sheep to rise up and make the buggers eyes water.

These people are not saying Re-Elect Obama. What is the use of them saying that anyway? That's not at all what they saying. They are saying that their life sucks, they are frightened about the future (they'd better be!), and they want their complaint to be heard.

They have identified an enemy (the banksters). They have found the target. They are not in error at all on that.

They are a bit undecided on what to do next, since they have initially sworn to non-violent action.

These my friends, are your Brothers and Sisters!

Go and Help them!