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John "Rock and Roll" Sinclair on Ron Paul

Last night I attended the 70th birthday of John "Rock and Roll" Sinclair, former manager of the MC5 and also founder of the White Panther Party. Recall John went to prison for marijuana possession and John Lennon wrote a song about him (as did Detroit's The Dogs). He is a poet and a '60s radical in high standing.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sinclair_(poet)

At 46 years old, I was a youngster at this party. There were lots of peace signs and pot leaf insginias about. I was wearing a Ron Paul pin to start conversations about war and marijuana legalization.

I bought pizza to share and people responded by buying me drinks. Nice folks and good music. A fine night.

I made it a point to chat with Sinclair.

I asked Sinclair if he ever met Congressman Ron Paul. He said no, he hadn't.

"Do you have any impression of him? I ask this because, as you know, he is the leader for marijuana legalization in the Congress and also against our Middle Eastern wars."

He said he respects that, but "he is not my type. I am a Democrat, a life long Democrat." I told him I don't usually vote but I registered Republican and will be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries and he was encouraging, but clearly sad and frustrated. "We are a free country, you can vote for whoever you want ... I would vote every day if I could."

I shared with him the story of Paul Jacob (former director of U.S. Term Limits), who was arrested in the early 1980s for refusing to sign up for Selective Service, the draft. Ron Paul, as a sitting Congress member, testified for Paul at the trial. Paul Jacob had scrawled SMASH THE STATE on his SSS form and Rep. Paul was asked about this on the stand. "Well, I wouldn't have used those exact words, but..."

Sinclair had not heard that story but laughed and approved.

It was a fun night, good music and conversation and drink, etc., but in spite of the trappings, there were more partisans than radicals in attendance. Don't let this happen to you!


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