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Why do terrorists attack Europe?

I'm talking to a friend about the motives behind suicide bombers and he asked me if I could explain why they attack European countries even though they are more tolerant of muslims (which I think is evidence that they DON'T choose who to attack based on tolerance to Islam..). I found the video made by the London suicide bomber where he explains his motives. What other evidence is there? Is it all because of their alliance with America who occupies? Thanks for the help.

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If your REALLY interested

in figuring this out, then watch this video series from Pape. This might not answer all your questions and his verbal cadence and delivery are annoying to me, but PLENTY of data to help you.


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I had always thought...

I'd always been under the impression that these primarily took place in other nations that were closely aligned with the US politically as well as took part in our military activities involving primarily muslim nations?

Additionally, how much of it occurred prior to our interventions and the various military activities? As I understand the involved concepts, it's not merely that countries that involve themselves in such things will face direct direct response in all cases, but that such actions also give more extreme elements a bigger soapbox to stand on and market share of acceptance, and as a result you can somewhat expect the crazies to start cropping up in larger share otherwise.

I've never put in a whole lot of research on it, but those were the assumptions I was operating under, and they seem to make plenty of sense to me...when the community at large doesn't feel like it's a target or otherwise getting blamed for things, the moderate elements will rule and have an easier time keeping the ever-shrinking extremists under wraps.

I am pretty convinced.

That ALL the major terror attacks inside Europe were false flag operations, carried out by some secret service.

Google: Operation Gladio.

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because they hate America's freedom?

...isn't that the party line?

...isn't that what we have been told?

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bump for input

Does anybody have input on why terrorists attack in other countries that do not occupy Middle Eastern countries?

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