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We should occupy voting booths

I think we should be very careful about 'occupy anything'. As these 'protests' grow they are bound to get ugly, somewhere sometime. I have been seeing video clips of Ron Paul signs on TV when they talk about these protests.

I am growing increasingly concerned that some a$$hole is going to throw a rock or a bottle at a cop, and sooner or later one of the cops will over react in some way. You KNOW this is going to happen sooner or later as this 'movement' grows. That one event will be a trigger and then all hell could break loose.

I would hate to think that Ron Paul's good name will be tarnished badly. All of us, his supporters are by default going to be associated with a 'violent uprising'. (Maybe Obama will put us on his special list)

I for one do not hate America and I sure don't hate our police or military. They have hard jobs and the last thing they need to deal with is a bunch of morons who don't even seem to know what they are protesting about.

I plead with all Ron Paul supporters to concentrate on getting people into voting booths instead. We should stay away from anything that can be used to smear our image.

It may seem like a good idea to show Ron Paul signs at large gatherings to get his name out there, but 'occupation' is something we have always been against. I am not sure these people are something we need to be rubbing elbows with.

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