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Manufactured consent Noam Chomsky 3 1 of 17

I haven't read his books but this series is great - I'm on #3 1 of 17 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ef01ZexNg&NR=1

Great information so far...

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Manufacturing Consent is a concept worth considering

Manufacturing Repent.
Only an individual can repent. Groups cannot, for a group only vaguely represent the conscience of it's individual members.

Ta accept a manufactured consent comes with the possibility of needing to repent. Sometimes buyers regret.

Worth watching

Chomsky calls manufactured consent in the united State the "Big Lie."

In support of the Big Lie are the big Bucks, created by a government sanctioned banking cartel with monopoly control of the money supply. By manipulating the money supply the cartel is able to steal value from all existing dollars to support the value of the newly created dollars.

Lying and stealing to create consent for killing is a deadly trio.

Maltsev recalling the former Soviet Union saw the fear of physical abuse or death as coercive. A manufactured consent under duress of deadly fear.

The the United States and the Soviet Union instituted Central Banking in the same decade. Both eventually made ownership of gold illegal and made only their fiat money legal tender.

Follow the money. Use it if useful, but avoid debt.

Free includes debt-free!


Manufactured Consent -Intellectual Self-Defense

Free includes debt-free!