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National Review holds fundraiser, and nobody responds!!

This made me say........hmmmmmmmmm.

Neocon / CIA rag, NATIONAL REVIEW, is having a fundraiser and NOBODY is responding. I find this fascinating and encouraging. Another sign of the turning tide?


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NRO comments

Have you read the comments at NRO? Some are absolutely priceless and Daily-show funny. Check them out. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the best are from Daily Pauler's.

i sent an email

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 12:32 PM
To: Jack Fowler
Subject: Donation

You claim that your magazine produces the best conservative commentary. This is hardly the case. True conservatism is that of freedom for the people and a limited government acting as a protectorate for those freedoms. Perhaps the best example of true conservatism is Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. He has stood his ground for over 30 years on the main conservative issues such as no entangling alliances, be friends and trade with other nations, have sound money, follow the constitution and guess what? the people have noticed. As I am writing this the official site, ronpaul2012.com , has a "thermometer", a money ticker showing a goal of $1.5 million; the actual amount raised $1,494,993.71. And this is just the beginning. The Ron Paul grassroots are planning an October 19th Black This Out Money Bomb, and then a Veterans Day one, and then a Reclaim the Tea Party one. The only way National Review would get a piece of this action is if you first start telling the truth. This of course would include that Ron Paul is a viable candidate and can win the nomination. The grassroots have noticed that every GOP candidate featured on the cover of your magazine had a presidential look, while the one of Ron Paul was a weary Don Quixote with vampire teeth. If you are ignorant of the fact that Ron Paul stands for liberty, then I suggest some research before your next magazine. Those who are paying attention will notice and may consider donating money if our candidate is given at the very least a fair representation. If not then continue backing the corporate slaves Perry and Romney. Ron Paul is the true conservative not the others.

Well thanks for your two cents. Now multiply that by a thousand and hit the donate button. Jack

Maybe we should all donate 2

Maybe we should all donate 2 cents literally. Haha.


Jack is true to form

Cold blooded murder is unpopular?

Wonder if their appreciation of Ron Paul's support has changed.

They don't dare post a thermometer...too chilly