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RP's principled stance on Presidential assasination scores points with Progressives

As Obama Goes Abroad Searching for Monsters to Destroy, Ron Paul Rightly Rejects Assassinating Americans


..."Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, much to his credit, also objected to the hit.
“To start assassinating American citizens without charges—we should think very seriously about this,” Paul said."



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Good article.

Good article.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

He scored major points with

He scored major points with conservatives too.

The initial, knee-jerk reaction of the American public to the news of Awlaki's death was met with overwhelming approval.

But now, people are starting to realize that Awlaki was an American citizen, AND was never charged with a crime.

This will not sit well with conservative republican voters that have respect for the rule of law, and know a thing or two about legal precedent.

Ron Paul has just elevated himself onto a national platform with this most important issue, front and center for all to hear and see.

Thank you, Chairman Obamao.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This is the first time I

This is the first time I really wish I had twitter. I would like M. Rothchild to listen to Ron Paul's floor speech when the President declared their office could execute without trial. I wish he knew how principled Ron is..sigh There was no contact button or way to email him but I WISH I COULD.

Not to just state the

Not to just state the obvious, but why not create a free account right now?

Maybe someone who has twitter will read your post

and send it. (I, too, am un-twittered :) )

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Thanks for posting these article, elviejo.

Glimmers of hope, although the many comments decrying the Nation article are mostly incoherent. How can one reason with people seemingly incapable of reason? We do have a tough battle, but how much worse it must be to be Progressive mired in a confusing tangle of unprincipled emotional lures.

Reedr, I was about to say just that!

The comments - I could not follow them! They seemed like the arguments of elementary school-aged siblings! Is there any hope? The level of vitriol there is head-spinning. :(


Progressives will NOT vote for Ron Paul.
I hear the same thing from any progressive I speak with.
"His foreign policy does not require you to be a libertarian".

They support his foreign policy but THATS IT.
Progressive==Obamacare or worse.
Progressive==Federal control over marriage and abortion
Progressive==Tax Tax Tax.

you must be correct

progs ain't nuthin like us.

they smell funny too.

and their urine is a peculiar color.

sumthin' wrong with 'em.


What kind of response was that?

All I'm saying is progressives will not be so quick to abandon the positions they hold.
They will primary Obama before voting for Ron Paul.
Sure we have some common ground on foreign policy but we differ almost everywhere else.
Tell me what issue Ron Paul and any progressive agree outside foreign policy/foreign bases.

Ron Paul is NOT a progressive.

Is Ralph Nader a Progressi ve?

Dennis Kucinich?

Glenn Greenwald?

Do they agree with Ron Paul on anything besides the war?

People will change their minds

Just wait till our out of control government kills someone here on American Soil. people will change their minds. It is to bad however that all the Americans who think they should just kill citizens have all lost their ability to think clearly.

they wont have to wait very long

maybe its started already...

Sadly, from the conversations

Sadly, from the conversations I've had with people and online, it seems most people are fine with this (as long as it's only done to the "terrorists"). Some conservatives and progressives alike have criticized it, but by and large many are perfectly fine with it.

It's a great article by Nichols!

We have been trying a long time to try to get John Nichols working with us. He is a good guy really and principled and bold.

We really need to be reaching out to our Progressive Brothers and Sisters. And that means listening and seeing, not just talking and pointing.