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Ron Paul and the Occupy Wall Street protest by Doug Wead

Now what are all of those people doing camped out on Wall Street? Are they socialists? Commies? Anarchists? Left, right? For some reason the television news people don’t like them, which makes me sympathize. What’s going on?

I’ll explain.

Let’s say you are a young couple, newly married, anxious to get your piece of the American dream. And let’s say you decide to open your own hamburger stand.

Your first obstacle will be a maze of federal regulations. They are all well intended, helping out the disabled, protecting the environment, providing for workers’ health. The problem is that there are too many of them and they cost too much.


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Ron Paul has often discussed how the monetary system

would lead to the destruction of the Middle Class, and intensified suffering among the poor. He pointed out during the debates for the 2008 election that the recession was harming the welfare of the people while the upper classes were doing fine. No one accused him of a Class Warfare attitude but indeed he was considering the consequences on the equality of wealth and income although he never showed us a Lorenz curve or a Gini coefficient.

Doug Wead may be referring to the socioeconomic group now popularly referred to as the PRECARIAT.

[The precariat]... is a newly emerging social class, in part created by trends towards creating a flexible workforce, which has access only to poorly paid short-term or part-time jobs, with no security of employment, support of a trade union or protection by legislation. Wages are often so little better than social security and marginal tax rates so penal that there’s little motivation to look for work. People in this situation see no prospect of change for the better and are becoming dispirited and disaffected.*

These are the people who are calling themselves the 99% percenters. Rather than just going to the window and yelling out that they are mad as hell and are not going to tolerate the red, white, & blue spindle violation anymore, they have taken to the streets to plead their cause.

God bless their Importunity.

*from worldwide words

Awesome! Finally we are getting coverage of anti-Fed protesting!

We just need to make sure the socialist element is educated in how the banks and corporations write the regulation laws and a need for sound money.

Alex Jones to the rescue....

Alex Jones, nationally syndicated radio host and documentary film maker.... of infowars.com has embarked on a journey of Federal Reserve Banks across the nation to get people to focus on the REAL PROBLEM.

The Occupy Wall Street group ranges from George Soros/ Ad Buster planted clueless people out there in support of Obama's tax proposals thinking they are only going to tax the top 1% which are REALLY designed to hit the middle class where it hurts... to the more knowledgable who "get it".

Here's a list of locations where he'll be and hopefully the nation will WAKE UP and realize the problem is not Capitalism as Michal Moore says or all of Wall Street ...but rather the Elite Globalists and Central banksters.


Alex Jones for those of you who don't know him yet is a staunch Ron Paul supporter!

In this piece Doug explains

In this piece Doug explains the current economic and political system.

One of his conclusions is, "There’s just no nice way to say this. Washington is corrupt."

I agree and from my extensive observations of the current protests I believe that the majority of protesters would agree that Washington is corrupt, BUT as Doug explains in detail in his piece it is the large PRIVATE corporations and banks that are the source of this corruption in Washington. This is why I think some protesters naively want to "end capitalism". They see the corruption that currently exists in both Washington and private businesses and so they think that capitalism is bad and should end. IMO we need to end get rid of the large institutions that are both public and private that embody this corruption, so we can have true free markets and a free society. At this point just going after Washington will not work, the wealth is to concentrated, the power is to great.

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Funny sharp humor piece! I love this article.

Doug W is not saying that Ron P is instigating or recommending to join the Wall St protest.

Doug is just listing how it's understandable for some young couples to feel the urge to protest. The multiple layers of difficulties they face in this corrupt crony capitalist American society are exactly what Ron Paul addresses, when he talks about the structural economic and monetary issues.

Yes, it's better for those youngsters to get involved in creative ways to change the system rather than just protest. But it's a great first step for them to realize that there is absolutely NO NEED to play along the corrupt crony capitalists' game.

They are not "hard core" socialists.

Look, there are people of EVERY party at this thing. They are pissed off people who understand that corruption prevents any REAL discussion. No one will ever be taken seriously while 1% of the population controls the wealth and agenda. There will always be debate about the best way for us to live as a community. That debate should take place in the absence of massive corruption. I am a veteran and I will be in NY next week to support this cause and talk with the variety of Americans there. We don't need to encourage division now. Unity of the 99% is the base we need.

Ron Paul 2012 and his message forever.

Wait until the anarcho-communist "black bloc" shows up

and starts smashing windows and setting cars on fire. You'll wake up really quick.

What the hell are you talking about?

So that means we just sit on our butts typing away on the internet? How do you think this country got started? Do you think every single person agreed on the course of action? Or did a whole bunch of Americans get pissed off and work together? Stop the division and do something. We have the tools to explain the monetary system to these folks. Perhaps that's our role.

Ron Paul 2012 and his message forever.

Wait and see.




After reading that article,

I now believe that Doug Wead is an idiot, and I'm deeply disappointed that he is involved with Ron's campaign in any way.

Not only does Doug not state anywhere in his article what "good" it could ever do to "go protest on Wall Street"(which, of course, could never do any good, no matter how much you do it), but he seems to be completely ignorant about the subject entirely.
His whole article could be summed up to say, "Things are corrupt, so instead of doing anything politically useful, go stand on the street corner in front of a building full of people who don't care you are there, and have no duty to make you happy".

I think he's brain dead. Ron should fire him.
I previously didn't realize how stupid this man is.

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You said nothing of substance, just typed

random vitriol. Why? Is that an example of how you are politically useful? To whom?

He's just naively thinks it's all grassroots.

The newcomers are indeed just regular Joe Democrats who are uneducated in economics, but the people at the foundation organizing this are hardcore socialists.

oh, surely you cant mean that.

It's a great article. please, go read it again.

He's a moron.

I'm sorry, but facts are facts.

no he's not a moron

Wead carefully points out the brand of fascism that we call corporatism and which some give the misnomer of capitalism. He explains why the young people are out there protesting.

You see, it doesnt work for them to work through their elected officials or through the political system because they dont have any money.

The only "political capital" they have is to go out and protest.

It doesnt make you a moron to care about your fellow man.

Getting support

Keep in mind that most of the OWS people are still uninformed. They -know- that there's a problem, and they aren't sure what it is or how to fix it. They're lost and confused, but they're angry. Doug Wead has tapped into the root of their anger. Now, when these people start looking deeper into the problem and start looking for a solution, instead of getting brain-numbing answers from the likes of Michael Moore and Herman Cain, they're going to find Wead and Paul.

You're right, it's not a very impressive article, but it's not soo bad.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I'm sorry,

but standing on a street corner is not "political capital".
It's a waste of time.
There is no duty on the part of the people in those buildings to respond to anyone standing on the corner, no matter how long they stand there.
And the government doesn't have to respond either, because nobody is petitioning the government for redress, nor is it useful in getting anyone elected.
It's just a waste. If they cared, they'd do something that had some point to it.

because nobody is petitioning

"because nobody is petitioning the government for redress, nor is it useful in getting anyone elected." Go to Wethe people website and read the lawsuits filed against the government for not responding to the petitions for redress and where it has they have been waiting years.

Do your best have no expectations

I think your part right, but

I think your part right, but quiet submission to the current system won't do any good. Do you want them to shut up, go home, and pay their taxes? And I hope your not advocating for violent protest. Given the option I would try to leave the country, but if you can't afford to or fear the uncertainty, I think nonviolent protest is the best you can do.

You know if these people

You know if these people really cared they would do whatever BigT says because BigT has all the facts and all the answers. So the question is why doesn't everyone just do what BigT says?

BigT your right, facts are facts, and the fact is that you suffer from the Kruger-Dunning effect more than anyone else on DP. What I say=facts, what you say=your opinion. haha.

Doug Wead Rocks!

the 99 Percenters are We, the People.

The people are hurting. It doesnt make you a dirty rat commie to care about your fellow man.

Support the Occupation!

It is a waste of time!

Wall street is not the problem. The problem is our out of control government! The problem is that people have fell asleep and let it get this way! The problem is that people have been voting for fake candidates instead of people like Ron Paul! The problem is that people think that the Rs and the Ds are really against each other and not it the same boat. Its time to wake up and see what the real problems are!


Why not occupy the FED??

Why not occupy the FED??

That's exactly

what Alex Jones has put into motion in Texas!

Haha Nice!

He must have read my post ;)