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Bachmann running on fumes in Iowa

This could be a good time to speak to Bachmann supporters about donating to a cause that can win

If you're looking for evidence that Michele Bachmann's campaign is struggling to stay out of the red, financially, and keep forward momentum in Iowa, here it is from the Los Angeles Times:

Top Republicans neutral in the race say she squandered opportunities to build on her win and are baffled by the decisions her campaign is making, notably limiting most of her campaigning to Waterloo and the large cities of Des Moines, Ames and Cedar Rapids. …

Bachmann has dropped in the polls here, as she has nationally. Top advisors have left or been forced out. Reports of lackluster fundraising were bolstered by her campaign's plea to supporters last week for "emergency" contributions.

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At an event in Cedar Rapids, aides handed out leftover brochures asking for support at the straw poll, more than a month ago. A strong presence in early Republican debates, she was starved of airtime in recent face-offs, to the point that during the last one she interrupted so she could answer another candidate's question.

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"On the radio show, a caller

"On the radio show, a caller told her he would vote for serial killer Charles Manson over President Obama. "Hey, thank you for saying that," she replied."

Hahah that made me chuckle!