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RonPaul2012.com run by MORONS?

I went to RonPaul2012.com to give a donation. What do I see on the first page?! Two stories written by that Jack Hunter (you know, "the Southern Avenger" "Mr. The South-Will-Rise-Again guy...).

The first story is "Herman Cain is Right".

The second story is "al-Awlaki and Richard Jewell".

Now about the first story. The site is RonPaul2012 and not the implied allusion to Herman Cain being right or suggestively, Herman Cain for President.

The second article, rather than decrying the bogus "war on terror" Ron Paul should've stressed the need, were he President, to charge Awlaki before being arrested....or even question the charges.

Speaking of the "he served" video...when was the last time some "veteran" or military type said to YOU....."thank you for giving me a job and a pay check"?

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I agree about the "herman

I agree about the "herman cain is right" thing. WTF?

Why not "Herman cain agrees, Ron Paul is right???"