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Have You Ever Heard Anyone in the MSM

thank Ron Paul for his service? What makes it even worse is that most of these armchair soldiers never service themselves.

And what about the other candidates, who all except one never serviced a day in uniform.

Ron Paul is braver than all of these talking heads and other candidates put together. Not only for his service, but for speaking out when he knows what he says may be an unpopular truth. That's the mark of a true Statesman, That's what makes Ron Paul---Ron Paul.

It really makes me sick when they criticizes and ridicule him because of his stand on foreign policy. They are all so close minded that even if they were to stand on each others shoulders they would never be able to reach Dr. Paul's shoes.

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Ron Paul needs to bring some surrogate

military people along with his speaking engagements. At everyone of them, he needs to be introduced by someone in a uniform. Drive home the point of military support.

alan laney

That's an excellent idea.

That's an excellent idea. Maybe also have current retired military and the forgotten vets. The Vietnam vets.