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Concord Seniors: Ron Paul Is ‘Sincere VIDEO]

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, brought his presidential campaign to Concord last week, making stops all around the city. Those stops included a talk with employees at Lincoln Financial, a bike ride through East Concord, and question and answer session with residents of Havenwood-Heritage Heights, a retirement community located in the eastern part of the city.

Paul spent a little less than an hour talking to the 40 or so folks in the audience, most of them residents of the complex, about his desire to end military actions overseas, his ideas about fiscal discipline, and the need to preserve Medicare for seniors. He said the times were not like when he and many of the audience members were younger, when America went to war and then eventually ended the overseas action. Paul said military entanglements were unending and in more than 130 countries overseas.


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Not to offend older people.

Not to offend older people. It might also be the setting of the event, but have you noticed the quiet, calm and explanatory way of talking with people that Paul uses in the video?

Very good and he still says the same things and they still resonate as you can notice in the reactions. Nice performance and the reactions of the retirees show that people are perceiving the race a threeway between Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. That perception is a good one in my opinion. Love to see the video from that other camera.

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yeah, Dr. Paul was calm and patient!


thank you for posting


The audio on the video is bad at first, but it gets better.

Dr. Paul answered the question about interventionism very well at the end of the video. Worth watching.