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Herman Cain leaves campaign to promote book.

This is why Herman Cain is really running...


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It's all about fundraising...getting multiple big dogs out there

Look at the timing...Cain gets major bump by GOP leaders, then Cain pushes book.

Cain has been a GOP fundraiser for years...I guess he's still doing it (I'm sure he gets a healthy cut).

The GOP nomination process itself is just a fundraising vehicle. It systematically builds up GOP names, giving them fifteen minutes of fame. Then they monetize on that fame.

Notice how several get a chance at bat: Romney, Bachman, Perry, Cain. Better to get several big names out there raising funds for the GOP (e.g, "Fed Up").

Notice that some big dogs (Palin, McCain) are staying quiet to allow these guys to have their chance in the spotlight.

They did the same in 2008: the GOP had several leaders in the last GOP nomination: Rudy, Romney, Fred Thomson, Huckabee. Some sold books, Huck launched a TV show, etc. And then, out of nowhere, boom, McCain became the selected one.

If history repeats itself, Newt may be the selected one this go-around.

But not yet. Chris Christie and maybe a couple others will have to get their fifteen minutes. Then, the big dogs and new dogs will be unleashed to push the selected one.

Palin, Cain, Newt are just in

Palin, Cain, Newt are just in it to sell current & future books/TV shows. None of them will be the chosen one, IMO. I think John Huntsman will be the chosen one. I'm surprised at how much debate time he gets. His polling is the worst in the group yet he's in all the debates with more air time than Ron Paul!

This is VERY strange

He must have gotten word that the upper crust Republicans will NOT be having him over to the Country Club.

I had to laugh at the cover. Reminded me of this

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

does that mean he won't be in the Oct debates?


We can only hope.

We can only hope.